Your comment trying remind me was quite vague, also. I post lots of stuff.

There is a guy named Doug out in Missourri who has or had a YouTube channel called Fellowship of the Martyrs. He’s really intense, and some of his videos say some good things. He keeps mentioning a ‘red dragon’, and eventually I saw the video where he told about a vision of a ‘red dragon’– supposedly some principality or spirit or something, over churches I think. I did not post information about his spiritual marriage and rib videos at the time because I did not want to promote him, and we had someone participating at that time, probably, who seemed to be into ‘prophetic’ stuff.

Anyway, he and his wife split up and divorced. According to one of his videos, it was partly over MacArthur’s book Charismatic Chaos. I saw him on a video back during the Todd Bentley meetings saying don’t go to Lakeland unless Jesus tells you to. I thought okay, he’s so against it, he’s warning people not to go unless the Lord tells them to himself. But, no, his philosophy is that you can’t do a lot of stuff unless Jesus tells you to do it.

In one of his teachings, he teaches along the lines that if you got married, that doesn’t mean you are legitimately married. If Jesus told you do, then you are. The implication was that if Jesus did not tell you to, your marriage may not be legit and your real spouse may be someone else. There was testimony online that he had applied this same principle in his own life.

I consider this to be garbage and damaging. God set marriage in place in Genesis and we don’t need direct revelation for it to be legin. Some spirit claiming to be Jesus could easily break up marriages in response to this false teaching.

Peter’s idea was different. He tried to encourage the Philippines to outlaw marriage between people with a 20 year age gap. I’m not sure if that was just for expat men and local girls or not. He called cases of old white men marrying young Filippina women and supporting their parents prostitution. (I’d imagine young Filippino grooms would do the same thing. Indonesian culture can be similar in this regard.) He insulted some old white man while preaching a sermon. The old man punched him, and he seemed to be happy to report defeating the old man with his fist. And he had videos on YouTube cussing, in some cases directed to middle ages or older men who went to the Filippines to find a young Filippina to sleep with or marry. I talked to him about it and he said he prayed and had the Father’s heart on it.

I did point out to him cases of older men marrying younger women in the Bible. Isaac and Rebecca and Boaz and Ruth. I also pointed out that in Matthew 15, Jesus indicated the Jews using vows to try to get out of materially supporting their parents was against Honor thy father and thy mother.

I believe the Lord can direct specific couples to marry, but I do not believe we should accept such a claim if it directly contradicts the teachings of the word of God. I would not rule out the idea God could be grieved at the overall situation of old sexpats in the Filippines trying to marry with innocent village girls who could have had much better husbands, or that God could share this with someone. But that doesn’t overturn what the Bible teaches about marriage. It doesn’t make all these marriages necessarily false.

I think we should be focusing on issues like keeping legitimate marriages together, following what the Bible teaches on marriage and divorce, honoring father and mother even when it comes to marriage, and teaching wisdom to those who want to marry, their parents, and the church community in helping them out.