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Alan N Carla Smith | PentecostalTheology.com


Is this INSANE or what??
The world’s first lesbian bishop of a mainstream Christian denomination has put forth a call for one of the country’s seaport churches to remove its crosses as to make it less offensive to Muslims.
Bishop Eva Brunne of the Lutheran Church of Sweden has proposed to remove the Christian symbols…

Terry Wiles [10/05/2015 1:41 PM]
Lesbian bishop says it all. Call it the church of Satan.

Roger Turner Sr [10/05/2015 1:51 PM]
God help her soul

Arthur Hohn [10/05/2015 2:06 PM]
fire her

Mark H. Kearns [10/05/2015 2:20 PM]

Arthur Hohn [10/05/2015 2:21 PM]
if the gays want us all to accept them, why take down crosses, hypocrites

Nelson Banuchi [10/05/2015 2:25 PM]
It would be a lesbian bishop…better yet, why don’t we tear down all the Christian churches…THAT would definitely make it less offensive to Muslims of all degrees of their piety…

Brody Pope [10/05/2015 2:34 PM]
She is no bishop and she is no Christian.

Arthur Hohn [10/05/2015 2:38 PM]
they want to damn us all but we must remain strong in Christ <3

Melvin Douglas Bowling [10/05/2015 2:40 PM]

Roger David [10/05/2015 2:49 PM]
Might as well…Ichabod has been written over many churches at this point.

Charlottle Wright [10/05/2015 3:02 PM]
Not much christian are she would no lesbians are sin.

Jim Blekfeld [10/05/2015 7:55 PM]
How much of God’s Word does she want to abolish?? She t
hink she is free from sin????

Eric Taylor [10/05/2015 8:14 PM]
women ain’t post to be a leader in church so she can set her lsbo but down

Raphael Velez [10/05/2015 9:35 PM]
This person should be burn on the fire of hell and she probably will together with her church for allowing her to be a representative of GOD

Derrick Harmon [10/05/2015 9:35 PM]
If you don’t follow Christ why bear the sign of the cross?

Raphael Velez [10/05/2015 9:36 PM]
She is lebian. She don’t have a place in heaven. Anyway

John Ruffle [10/06/2015 12:30 AM]
This is when heritics rule the religeous world. Very sad.

Teri Shenk [10/06/2015 12:31 AM]
Whoa! Let us remember that we are to love our neighbors as ourselves. That being said, I think this points out how Churches are willing to bend to societal ways & overlook obvious sin. My question is this……since she is an admitted Lesbian, how could any Church put her in a position of leadership knowing what the Scripture says about homosexuality? For certain, if I were a member of this Church, it would be a former member regarding current leadership. I do believe that we will all begin to see more of this as Churches attempt to accommodate obvious sin without offending the sinner. We are to love the sinner but hate the sin. What a truly sad place our world is becoming.

Gloria Jane Dover Smith [10/06/2015 3:41 PM]
She has lost her bible and her mind

LuCinda Jonker [10/06/2015 6:55 PM]
Hate the sin but love the sinner is so hard to do sometimes

Ed Brewer [10/07/2015 9:47 AM]
you have the temerity to be surprised that putting a tab collar on abomination produces strange fruit?

Raphael Velez [10/07/2015 2:51 PM]
She never lost her bible. She knows that in the bible say that been homosexual is a sin and would not have access to the kingdome of god. She is working with satan show that anyone could wear a white collar and call them self a leader of a church and a christian. So churches weak up Satan is infritating the house if GOD. Bewear the end is around the corner.

John Kissinger [10/19/2015 2:45 PM]
For the #CROSS bothers #SIN…

Eric Taylor [10/19/2015 4:03 PM]
women dont be preacher it’s the man in the church and your life style i know god is not ok with that it is a abomination i go throw up now

Raphael Velez [10/20/2015 3:23 PM]
You love your neighbor. We are children of god. Not Satan. Pacifist like this are the ones that allow people to do what they want in the house if god. I’ll never stop. My house there is no room for Satan’s children. I will always be a warrior of GOD. I’ll protect my church and all it stands for with my life if is necessary. As i did for my country even more so for the house of the lord.

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