John Hopkins University studies what the Bible says

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Tom Steele |


This is a research summary published by the John Hopkins University based on the studies of the author concerning what the Bible says. It’s a must read. It’s not that long, and unlike many such research summaries, it’s not that difficult to understand what it is saying either.

It will change your understanding of the Bible forever from being just a spiritual book to seeing it as the actual instructions for creation. Ignited

Troy Day [03/04/2016 5:56 PM]
Still waiting for you to put a Trump Ignited blog out there 🙂

Tom Steele [03/04/2016 8:31 PM]
I’ll give an occasional thought or opinion about all of the political stuff, but that’s about as far as I go. I really try to be careful not to come across as endorsing any one candidate, or speaking against one either. The environment in which I was raised developed a value that voting is a personal choice and is supposed to be a private decision… thus the reason you go into a closed booth behind a curtain. Too many people have lost this value, and perhaps that is part of the reason this country is in the condition it’s in, a loss of the values that we are founded on.

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