Islam claims to bring the judgment of God

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God is a judge; a righteous judge. The Scriptures remind us over and over again that God’s judgments are perfectly righteous (Ps. 96:13, 98:9; Rev. 15:4, 19:11). God’s judgment includes:

  1. Moral Justice
  2. Offer of Grace
  3. Clear Warnings
  4. Judicial Process
  5. Moral Requirements for Prophets
  6. Islam claims to bring the judgment of God, but does none of the above.

Pharaoh’s Egypt in Moses’ time was perhaps the most demonic empire in history. However, it would seem from prophetic Scriptures that such an evil empire would happen again. It will be even worse. It will be a worldwide, murderous, genocidal, demonic, tyrannical empire. The Exodus from Egypt is recorded in the Bible not only as history but also as prophecy. What will happen in the end times will be similar to what happened in Egypt.

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[…] Islam claims to bring the judgment of God […]

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