How Ruth Built Her Legacy

How Ruth Built Her Legacy | Bianca Juarez Olthoff

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How are you building your legacy?

In this clip, writer and Bible teacher @Bianca Juarez Olthoff shares from the Book of Ruth as part of Lakewood Church’s women’s conference – Love Your Life: A Night for Women.

During this sermon, Olthoff draws from her personal experience growing up MexiRican (Mexican and Puerto Rican) and dispels some of the commonly misconceived beliefs about Ruth (such as how she’s more like Cardi B than she is a proper British girl).

Olthoff combines humor with truth as she delivers a powerful sermon about how we as women (and men) need to love our lives enough to take steps of faith so that we can live out our purpose.

Ruth took a risk by seeking out Boaz despite her circumstances as a Moabitess living in a foreign land (Bethlehem). As a result of her faith and bravery, she became an integral part in the lineage of Jesus Christ. Living out our God-designed purpose is important because what we do impacts the lives of generations to come.

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