GOD'S WAYS : We are told in God's Word that…

GOD'S WAYS : We are told in God's Word that…

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Jeff Rouff | PentecostalTheology.com


GOD’S WAYS : We are told in God’s Word that God’s ways are not the same as our ways. God’s ways are far above us and how we feel and think and look at things. Therefore, we as human beings are at somewhat of a disadvantage of knowing God as we should.
We must therefore do our best at discarding all the ways of this life. We have to since they are contrary to God’s ways. And the ways of this life will only hold us back from knowing our Lord.
Jesus told us to learn of Him. He also said we must abide in Him. God’s Word instructs us many times to seek Him. Also, to be still and know that He is God. And He gave us His Spirit to lead us into all truth about Him and who He is.
The world around us does not know God or His ways nor do they even want to. But we as God’s people must do all that we can do to know Jesus and have more of Him in our lives. Very soon our nation will press upon us very hard to disavow Jesus and everything that has to do with our Christian faith. The only way that we will survive and make it through this terrible time when the world comes against us is by knowing Jesus and through knowing His ways.
We must know our God. We must be knowledgeable about His ways that we may walk in them. And Jesus must be the most important person in our lives!

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