Do the gifts cease when Jesus comes back?

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Brody Pope |


Do the gifts cease when Jesus comes back or did the cease when John died? I believe they will cease when Jesus comes back.

John Kissinger [11/03/2015 6:13 AM]

Brody Pope [11/03/2015 6:15 AM]
Was told they ceased after Johns death. And when he finished writing revelation, it was completed. 1 Corinthians 13 8-10 is what was used.

John Ruffle [11/03/2015 6:22 AM]
How can they ever cease, since God is unlimited. Makes no sense unless you are a relative of Scofield lol! ?

Brody Pope [11/03/2015 6:26 AM]
It was mainly about speaking in tongues as the initial evidence of the baptism in the Holy Ghost. Whike I think its plainly clear in scripture, others seem to deny that and say it only happened on three occasions and nowhere else afterwards and tongues stopped when John died.

Stan Wayne [11/03/2015 6:26 AM]
1 COR 13: is clearly talking about eternity

John Kissinger [11/03/2015 6:28 AM]
Brody dont go babpticostal on us now 🙂

Brody Pope [11/03/2015 6:30 AM]
Oh I’m not lol. I’m the farthest thing from a bapticostal lol. I’m proud of my Pentecostal heritage. It was something that wa,s brought to me yesterday and I explained it the best I could until i just decided to leave lol.

John Kissinger [11/03/2015 6:31 AM]
how can we be prophets in the Millennium if the gifts stop?

Brody Pope [11/03/2015 7:02 AM]
Oh we had a great move of God Sunday evening at Cheraw Church of God. Had one baptized in the Holy Ghost.

John Kissinger [11/03/2015 7:14 AM]
our own bro. Link giving prophetic answers in this video here:

Brody Pope [11/03/2015 7:17 AM]
Any videos on tongues?

John Kissinger [11/03/2015 7:19 AM]
did you read AJ Tomlinson on tongues? Link cross posted it in other streams and post boards as well…

Brody Pope [11/03/2015 7:20 AM]

John Kissinger [11/03/2015 7:20 AM] – read the comments too

Brody Pope [11/03/2015 7:21 AM]
Thank you. I’m trying to learn as much as I can.

John Kissinger [11/03/2015 7:21 AM]
learn before you preach – preach after you learn 🙂

Brody Pope [11/03/2015 7:23 AM]
I’ve got to preach sunday. May preach on the Holy Ghost. I want to go more in depth about tongues and spiritual gifts.

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    Varnel Watson

    Brody Pope I will have to disagree on this one brother

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