Franklin Graham Makes a HUGE Announcement About Donald Trump

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Franklin Graham Makes a HUGE Announcement About Donald Trump

President Barack Obama is heralding his nuclear deal with Iran as “another chapter in the pursuit of a more helpful and more hopeful world.” I don’t think so. Iran has a history of funding terrorism around the world, and they are Israel’s worst enemy. We are alienating our decades-long allies and cozying up to their enemies and ours. And Donald J. Trump was exactly right when he said, “we have four prisoners over there. We should have said ‘Let the prisoners out.'” One of these prisoners is our friend Pastor Saeed Abedini, and I haven’t heard the names of any of these four U.S. citizens mentioned in the negotiations with Iran. Some are calling this deal a potential death sentence for the State of Israel. Pray for our Congress that God would give them wisdom as they debate this important agreement. There’s a lot at stake here. #BOOM

John Kissinger [12/10/2015 8:29 PM]
Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump found at least one prominent evangelical ally in his call for banning Muslim immigration: Franklin Graham, who took to Facebook today saying he’s agreed with Trump’s idea “for some time.”

John Kissinger [12/10/2015 9:08 PM]

John Ruffle [12/11/2015 2:22 AM]
But when did Graham say this? Sounds like a few month’s old. However, I have to agree with him. We have a massive, massive problem, and part if it is that it has become a spectacularly devisive issue even among Christians. Great discernment needed.


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