Doctrine of natural theology

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According to the doctrine of natural theology, science was in this period considered a second revelation, God’s word in nature as well as in Scripture, so the two could not contradict each other. -Wikipedia

I remember at Lee College taking a course with James Slay (can’t remember the topic) He insisted we study about Natural Theology and that we do a term paper on natural theology. I wasn’t a smart student so I could not understand what was natural theology. James Slay seemed out of character insisting we study this.
Can anyone enlighten me what this about?

Charles Page [12/31/2015 2:36 PM]
Dr O’Bannon used the textbook by Bernard Ramm in Science and the Bible. This was in the late 60’s

Charles Page [12/31/2015 2:44 PM]
does this same sway (toward progressive creationism/theistic evolution) still hold true for Lee University today?

Stan Wayne [12/31/2015 5:31 PM]
What is the problem

Stan Wayne [12/31/2015 5:31 PM]
Gap theory is 200 years old!!!!

Stan Wayne [12/31/2015 5:32 PM]
Almost all evangelicals in the 1800s were gappers

John Kissinger [01/01/2016 10:11 AM]
GAP THEORY can be traced back to the rather obscure writings of the Dutchman Episcopius (1583-1643), and was first recorded from one of Chalmers’ lectures in 1814. This ruin-reconstruction view is held by many who use Bible study aids such as the Scofield Reference Bible, Dake’s Annotated Reference Bible, and The Newberry Reference Bible ( Brody Pope ) . WHY am I hearing about this last one for a FIRST TIME? Ricky Grimsley John Conger

James B. Shelton [01/01/2016 1:44 PM]
Natural theology says that God created certain things for certain purposes and that his nature can be seen through the things that are made (Romans 1:20) Nature is “God’s second book.” Natural law can only tell you so much. Other ways of knowing are necessary too. See Avery Dulles’ Models of Revelation.

John Kissinger [01/01/2016 1:53 PM]
The pre-Adamic race GAP theory explains it all:

1. Where lost souls come from? 2. Where the demons come from? 3. When did Satan fall from the Heavens? 4. How did 1/3 of the angels fall with Satan? 5. Why do the Bible tells us TWO creation stories? 6. Why was earth created staples and void (this brings to perspective flat earth vs a globe as well)? 7. Why do the Bible tells us TWO flood narratives? 8. Age of earth? 9. The disappearing of the dinosaucers and why where no dinosaucers in Noah’s ark? 10. The whole doctrine of Original sin and its coming into man’s flesh?

John Kissinger [01/01/2016 3:13 PM]
Gap creationism was popularized by Thomas Chalmers, a professor at the University of Edinburgh, founder of the Free Church of Scotland, and author of one of the Bridgewater Treatises, who attributed it to 17th century Dutch Arminian theologian Simon Episcopius. Other early proponents included Oxford University geology professor and fellow Bridgewater author William Buckland, Sharon Turner and Edward Hitchcock. It gained widespread attention when a “second creative act” was discussed prominently in the reference notes for Genesis in the influential 1917 Scofield Reference Bible. In 1954, a few years before the re-emergence of Young Earth Flood geology eclipsed Gap creationism, influential evangelical theologian Bernard Ramm wrote in The Christian View of Science and Scripture

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