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On one hand, DAKE states that salvation is by grace and not by works: “Eternal life is a free gift….Men merit hell, but not eternal life. Jesus Christ alone procured it and gives it freely to all who believe.” He also says it is by faith alone and not works: “The law of works cannot pardon….Faith alone in Christ will pardon and cancel the death penalty.” On the other hand, he flatly denies that grace alone is sufficient for salvation: “It is true that grace cannot be…mixed with the law of works, but this does not prove that there are no conditions men must meet in order to get the benefits of grace. Not one scripture teaches unconditional grace.” Charles Page

Jon Sellers [09/23/2015 1:16 AM]
I have never been a fan of Dake. I heard him speak in a small church early in my Christian walk. In that message he taught that if we commit a mortal sin we lose our salvation and have to repent and confess and ask forgiveness again in order to regain our salvation. Even as a new Christian I knew he was wrong about that.

John Kissinger [09/23/2015 1:36 AM]
ppl may be close to committing a mortal sin when they imply D.Min. is demon… Charles Page Link Peter A Vandever

Link Hudson [09/23/2015 3:15 AM]
John Kissinger because so much work goes into the degree?

Link Hudson [09/23/2015 3:16 AM]
It’s a badly named degree. I’m not saying those who have it are evil. It’s just bad initials for a miistry related degree.

John Kissinger [09/23/2015 3:36 AM]
so you like the ones who claim to have a puff daddy (PhD)?

Jon Sellers [09/23/2015 3:38 AM]
The worst are the ones that cost $666. per credit hour. 😉

John Kissinger [09/23/2015 3:41 AM]
6+6+6 = 18 ~ 1+8=9 or again 6 upside down Rick Wadholm Jr

Link Hudson [09/23/2015 3:41 AM]
John Kissinger I’m not into such things being used as religious titles. When, if the Lord wills, I finish this PhD, I don’t plan on having people at church call me ‘Dr.’ I’m working on one in management.

I see a difference between calling men demons and the Holy Spirit. In Matthew 12, the Pharisees were calling the Spirit by which Jesus cast out devils Beelzebub, which was a horrible and dangerous thing. To actually call a beleiver a demon would be a bad thing, but it’s not the unpardonable sin. Even blasphemy against the Son of Man can be forgiven.

Link Hudson [09/23/2015 3:42 AM]
John Kissinger Could you transliterate your name for us so we can know how to pronounce it?

John Kissinger [09/23/2015 3:42 AM]
obey God brother

Charles Page [09/23/2015 8:17 AM]
a proper rendering of an authorized English translation is all one needs to master theology in the English language. William Tyndale would agree with this!


  • Mary Ellen Nissley
    Reply May 31, 2016

    Mary Ellen Nissley

    Salvation is by grace through faith. And faith without works is dead.

    We can argue over the semantics all week, but if one claims to have saving faith, and their life doesn’t show a change from the old pattern of “dead works” to a new pattern of “serving the living God” then their claim is empty.

  • Ted Robinson
    Reply June 26, 2019

    Ted Robinson

    Many of the experiences of heaven resemble the writings of Emanuel Swedenborg
    1807 …FOUNDER OF THE CHURCH OF THE NEW JERUSALEM based on his teachings. For example he had conversations with the opostle Paul in on of his heavenly visits and his description of heaven resembles some of those who have been given a glimpse of heaven. And this was before visits to heaven were in vogue. I believe some of these individuals were given a glimpse of heaven but life bazaar descriptions of Swedenborg many of them are questionable

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