Dictators at WHO aim to begin installing a One World Government

Dictators at WHO aim to begin installing a One World Government

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Dangerous excessive rainfall event underway across much of Central California, widespread severe flooding expected
A dangerous excessive rainfall event, brought by a powerful atmospheric river, is underway across much of Central California today. Areal rainfall totals of 100 – 230 mm (4 – 9 inches) through today, atop areas with saturated soil and deep snowpack are expected to cause widespread and severe flooding impacts, particularly in the High Risk area.

Dictators at WHO aim to begin installing a One World Government under the guise of Global Health Security
WHO’s pandemic treaty will radically alter the global power structure and strip you of some of your most basic rights and freedoms. It’s a direct attack on the sovereignty of its member states, as well as a direct attack on your bodily autonomy.

UK Parliament Institutes “Thought Police” To Stop “Intimidating” Silent Prayer
In a move that demonstrates how weak/woke the UK Parliament is, on Tuesday they approved censorship/buffer zones outside of abortion facilities in both England and Wales. Clause 11 of the new Public Order Bill, implements a 150 meter (492 foot), perimeter around every clinic. The bill would criminalize any form of “influence” outside of abortion clinics, which includes … silent prayer.

International Women of Courage Award goes to…a male
..So why did Rueda receive this award as a woman when her/his/its/their biology and identity don’t match?  As Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders (R-Ark.) tweeted: “It’s International Women’s Day – a good time to remember that Democrats can’t even tell you what a woman is.”

Minnesota a ‘Refuge’ for Doctors to Provide Genital Mutilation, Chemical Castration
Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz (D) signed an executive order Thursday making his state a “refuge” for persons seeking “transgender” surgeries and drugs and the doctors willing to prescribe them.

Here We Go: Great Britain Government Requires Home-Grown Chickens to be Registered to Tackle Bird Flu
As part of the ongoing efforts to combat avian influenza, the government of England, Wales, and Scotland introduced a proposal on Wednesday that would make it mandatory for all poultry keepers to formally register their birds.

NYC Mayor Eric Adams: Business Should Require Customers to Unmask
New York City Mayor Eric Adams has called on the city’s businesses to require unmasking upon entry. The move comes as authorities have noted mask-wearing in public places has made it easier for criminals to obscure their identities.

Documents Expose FBI Secretly Working with Hospitals to Disarm Americans Without Warrants
Documents obtained by Gun Owners of America show the FBI worked with doctors in multiple states beginning in 2011 to disarm a number of American citizens, the Washington Examiner reported Tuesday.

FEDS SHUT IT DOWN: Silicon Valley Bank Shares Shed $52 Billion In Value Sparking Fears Of A Run As CEO Begs Investors To ‘Stay Calm’ And ‘Not Panic’
Is this a one-off situation, an over-extended bank going bust as over-extended institutions tend to do, or is it the beginning of something much larger and far more vast? Keep in mind all the predictions that were made last year for 2023 being a year of rampant inflation leading to widespread financial ruin like what happened in 2010. Time will tell, of course, but the Feds have already stepped in and shut it down.

Cops quit woke Austin, TX, in droves
Texas’ woke capital, Austin, is in the midst of a policing crisis with over 300 vacancies and cops quitting because they feel disrespected, multiple sources tell The Post.

Whistleblower Sounds The Alarm On FBI Plot to Criminalize Christianity
In the United States, criminals rule the streets in many major cities, millions of illegal immigrants flow across the open southern border every year, and the Chinese connections of the president’s son are called into question. With that being said, what do you think Biden’s FBI has decided to focus on? Trying to find ways to criminalize Christianity, apparently.

Here Are Ten Signs That Your Church Has Already Incorporated The New Age Into Their Worship Services
In the absence of Bible doctrine, many churches today have begun to embrace New Age and occult practices like the Enneagram in their worship service. Maybe even your church.

Biden’s New Budget Requests Billions To Help Usher More Illegal Immigrants In… Paltry Increase For Border Security
As House Republicans and Joe Biden gear up to fight about a massive $6.8 trillion appropriations bill, some of Biden’s priorities in the spending bill have come to light.

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