Dabbling with Pentecostal liturgy?

Dabbling with Pentecostal liturgy?
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Has anyone here ever dabbled with a Pentecostal liturgy? I certainly don’t see where adopting an older form of Methodist liturgy would be inappropriate for a Pentecostal church.

Peter A Vandever [02/22/2016 10:31 AM]
Lindell Colley has done it.

John Kissinger [02/22/2016 12:53 PM]
There’s a great deal of studies on pentecostal sacraments, but unfortunately done by folk that never been part of the sacramental culture Peter A Vandever you should well know that Brownsville and Pensacola were of interest only on part of AG and namely for almost splitting the organization. No one else was really affected much and did not much care about them

Wolfgang Vondey [02/22/2016 3:20 PM]
On Pentecostal rituals, see Daniel Albrecht’s book, Rites in the Spirit. For sacraments, see Daniel Tomberlin’s book, Pentecostal sacraments. On the issue of liturgy see my book, Beyond Pentecostalism. For particulars, see Chris Green’s book, Toward a Pentecostal Theology of the Lord’s Supper.

Link Hudson [02/22/2016 3:36 PM]
Pentecostals have an unwritten liturgy, the hymn sandwich with a lot thicker bread (longer singing time) than your typical evangelical service.

Troy Day [02/22/2016 4:29 PM]
Hymn? When was the last time you went to a Pentecostal church – the 60s? Mr. Henry Volk Did you see the link about Scalia’s liturgy not as good as expected. Pls post it here if you have it

Terry Wiles [02/22/2016 4:34 PM]
We all have a liturgy. Some are more understandable than others.

John Kissinger [02/22/2016 5:39 PM]
meanwhile in a non-Pentecostal church somwhere

John Kissinger [02/22/2016 5:56 PM]
Dr. Vondey could you recommend a Pentecostal author with liturgical background? William DeArteaga makes an excellent case for that…

John B. Gaither [02/24/2016 10:48 AM]
I light Advent each week at Christmas, and my old time folks wonder who I am. After 16 years now some still wonder what I’m doing it for.

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