CONFESSIONS of a Street Preacher: Priest Preaching at the Judas Priest Concert

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Bing bing round two
That was a first.. the first time the police ever kept someone off of me.
Don’t get used to it lol
Judas priest concert tonight, a few hundred heard the gospel. Salvation that is by faith in Jesus Christ. Turn from sin and seek God. Call on Jesus. Jesus name means Savior…
And many exhortations to humble yourself and pray
Some lewdness mocking and of course they want their picture taken
Some Rock and roll devil’s

People say they want to preach, what they mean is they don’t want to be interrupted and to receive a nice offering and get a pat on the back. What don’t want is to lose their sleep or skip a meal or be openly mocked.

“Behold, I send an Angel before thee, to keep thee in the way, and to bring thee into the place which I have prepared.” – Exodus 23:20

You know it is kinda funny. I was asking where can I guy preach in the rain and sleet. Low and behold there was the Judas priest concert a couple hundred souls a half hour before they open. You can’t make this stuff. Providence is when the situation meets the needs of God’s people. I often say Providence is the evidence you are in God’s will. Those divine appointments. It’s when the road rises to meet you and God has prepared your way before you. So does your life show enough providence?

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