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Here’s a borderline genius. IQ 167. Smoking several hundred dollars in crack everyday for a year. Has his own home. Several expensive motorcycles. His own business. Tens of thousands of dollars in the bank. 24 hours from being committed by his family to mental health, as unfit, a danger to himself. The papers were all signed. On the edge of Doom.
I spent a month with him everyday praying for him and with him. Early. Encouraging him in the things of God. One difficult day i spent 12 hours straight with him just me and him. I pleaded with him to pray and trust in Jesus Christ. It was brutal. I was out matched. It was all I could do to stay the course. He wanted to quit and get high.
After about 6 hours I wanted to tell him go on back to the world and the devil and drugs but I couldn’t. I turned into a beggar that day. In the end we wept together considering the cross and the sufferings of Christ.
He outgrew me very fast. But he is serving our Lord and clean and sober this night.
Update: I called him last week 6 months clean time. Going to church. Getting married. Good leadership material. That Jesus is really something.

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