Jim Price, you say, “World history has not and should not pivot on the Jews.” I would challenge you on that. Every single word written in the Bible was written by the Jews, those who were chosen to pen the Words of God Himself. The Jews are the chosen people of whom became the lineage of the Messiah Himself. The Jews are a set apart people chosen by God for a covenant that would set the foundation for the restoration of that which was lost. The Jews are the apple of God’s eye. As being 1/10th of the world’s population, that would make the Jews similar to a tithe. A tithe, at it’s base, is that which is set apart for God by means of covenant. There is perhaps no better description of the Jews that the portion of the human population that has been set apart for God by means of covenant. Yes, we are all able to enter into the covenant with God, but for the Gentile nations it is by way of being grafted into that olive tree, which is a representation of Israel, or of the Jewish people. Thus, world history has always and will always in some way revolve around the Jews.