Beware of political prophesies

Beware of political prophesies

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William DeArteaga Thanks for re-posting this.
Carl Murphy Beware of prophesies period
William DeArteaga Rather, be skilledin discernment.
Troy Day Carl and William may be right on this one. With all the love and respect for Wilkerson his political prophecy was doomed. So was one of the last ones in 2009 when called for a world disaster and  stocking up food and non perishables for the weeks to come. Jimmy Swaggart’s current TV program sells electric generators for when the grid goes all off. Dont know if Stan Wayne got one, but surely Charles Page got two two camp along with Timothy Carter I do hope David Lewayne Porter approves this message
Stan Wayne Beware of people who can’t spell “prophecy” but who are expert on it
William DeArteaga Thank God for copy editors.
Troy Day Stan Wayne Do you think Isiah, Jeremiah, Obadiah, Hezekiah etc could spell “prophecy” ? –
Stan Wayne Yes
Stan Wayne Troy: “Isaiah”
Troy Day “It’s no longer about being a Republican or a Democrat. It’s about righteousness or unrighteousness, about good or evil, & you have to choose!” Jentezen Franklin – – – Does anyone really believe that in this 2016 elections? David Lewayne Porter David Rollings David M. Hinsen Carl Murphy Jan Dixon Sykes
William DeArteaga It  will test and stretch the American Church in its ability to pray through a difficult situation.
Stan Wayne Trump is in favor of righteousness Hillary says unrighteousness is righteous – what is wrong with you people
Troy Day hahaha yes Trump = righteousness 🙂 #theNerve sorry Timothy Carter I know you’d say he is taking the spot of Charles Page
Peggy Holbrook Trump righteousness,,,, not  my understanding of righteousness … Devil or false prophet  yes ….. but definitely not righteous ….
Stan Wayne You don’t understand imputed righteousness
Carl Murphy
Stan Wayne Troy you don’t have to succeed at righteousness to be in favor of it – good grief – and you were for Romney and McCain?
Troy Day #WRONG
Stan Wayne Oh sorry – Obama
Troy Day #WRONGagain
Stan Wayne Oh sorry you didn’t like either then either
Troy Day Jeb you are not doing very well tonight 🙂 Such a weak candidate
Stan Wayne Jeb wasn’t running against Obama but maybe you were for him anyway
Ben Wilson Wilkerson also prophesied that Russia was going to nuke the US of A “imminently” in 1985. I missed it if that happened. . . . . . The only thing you can conclude is that Wilkerson must have had a colossal ego to keep giving “prophecies” after he being so spectacularly wrong on so many. . . . . .
Stan Wayne Exactly – I was a Teen Challenge director showing his prophetic films and when there was a spectacular error about academy awards I called the office in lindale Texas and got him to apologize through his secretary – she was on the line speaking to bothl
Troy Day Sounds so very challenging BUT has Wilkerson predicted  actual election results? William DeArteaga Ben Wilson
William DeArteaga I don’t know about his election predictions. But the point is bigger, that prophesy is most likely flawed if it involves high emotion issues or assumptions of the prophet.
Troy Day You mean like this one? If Donald Trump Wins, He Will Be 70 Years, 7 Months And 7 Days Old on His First Full Day in Office…/60976-if-donald-trump…
Troy Day Stan Wayne Carl Murphy Jan Dixon Sykes I guess if your candidate needs the FBI to help him win election, I guess he does 🙂
Carl Murphy LOL whatever happened to the Lord moves in Mysterious ways? Or does that apply only when the outcome is to your liking?  As to the 70 7 and 7 you are worse than an astrology nut
Troy Day You can blame your Charisma friends for this…/60976-if-donald-trump… and for The Biggest Supermoon Since Israel Became a Nation in 1948 Will Happen 6 Days After the Election
Carl Murphy Troy Day I have no friends at Charisma magazine
Timothy Carter What?  I don’t have a generator.
Charles PageCharles I have a regenerator!!!
Troy Day What? They had generators in 70 AD? Never knew that
Troy Day Stan Wayne I think William Hooks works for Teen Challenge but does he know you?
Stan Wayne No
Troy Day
Peter Ciple A very evil wicked woman.
Peter Ciple “CLINTON FOUNDATION’S DARK SIDE” AMERICAN POLITICS NEWS!What people do not know is that money for charity do not all go to those intended for. Have you ever wondered if there have been so much given to charity why does the place look the same as if nothing was ever done to assist those in need? Wouldn’t you see a big difference? What’s going on? Exactly where does the money go? The truth will always come out eventually. The truth prevails. Jesus is the Truth!03rd November, 2016AmericaThe Clinton Foundation may be the world’s largest money laundering and influence-peddling operation.REMEMBER:Exodus 20:15 (KJV)Thou shalt not steal.LINK: Money Scaming Clinton Foundation
Troy Day
Troy Day Henry Volk your guy?
Henry Volk Well he was before he sold out
Stan Wayne You could not be a Christian and favor Bernie
Stan Wayne Unless you don’t know what either is
Troy Day How so? Many so called Christian marxists and socialists favor him greatly. Henry Volk asked a valid question – before or after Bernie sold out?
Henry Volk I guess a lot of people still do.  But after he sold out to Hillary, I lost a lot of respect for him.
Troy Day
Troy Day WOW Stan Wayne Jan Dixon Sykes Carl Murphy David Woods An email I just got from the Trump campaign that shows a graphic. Blue is for Hillary. Red is for Trump and Pink is where they have been working hard to tip it towards Trump and Gray is a toss up. WOW. This could be a landslide not a squeaker.
Troy Day
Troy Day It will be better than any SNL show – – – Hillary will tout her experience in international affairs and ask who the public would want answering the phone at 3 in the morning. Trump should counter that all of that vast knowledge and experience in foreign affairs did not do those in Benghazi any good when the phone did ring at 3 in the morning, and that then she lied about it. He should keep going back to the thousands of lies, 30 counts of perjury, and ask the American people if this is the person wanting for dog catcher, much less President.…/trump-is-headed…/…
Charles PageCharles I hate the Hillariology prophecies
Jason Stillwell Hillary should not be a candidate Even due to the things she has been caught in already
Troy Day…/donald-trump-statements.html…
Jason Stillwell Got to at least try to derail this oboma train can’t be serious about voting for Hillery
Charles PageCharles the lovers of a better America and they are not all christians.  It is a moral issue and not  Christian.
Troy Day when we start separating our issues to moral vs Christian we get all sorts of alternative sub-cultures and lifestyles
Charles PageCharles Christians don’t hold all the morality cards.
Charles PageCharles Democratic societies strive for morality.
David Lewayne Porter Where Do We Think Morality Came from?It comes from only one source, the ultimate source,  the only moral source (God).
Charles PageCharles duh
Charles PageCharles here I thought it came from Russia!!!
David Lewayne Porter Only you Charles Page,On-ly l you
Troy Day Separation of morality from Christianity is exactly what causes identity crises. And on so many levels too… Charles Ricky
David Lewayne Porter Exactly, That is why this country and world is in the shape it is in.No God,  no true morality.
Troy Day We’re about to find out. Who else is watching?
Charles PageCharles the fun is about to hit the fan
Troy Day Stan Wayne your boy aint doin to well
Charles PageCharles CNN
Troy Day +fox…/hillary-won-first-debate-it…
Ricky Grimsley I watched the debate and thought hillary won. It was a big let down. Very boring.
Troy Day oh no no – not boring at all; she led him to blah-blah and went for the kill on several key points pretty much ridiculing him as a child. And she made him obviously mad when doubting his narcissistic wealth and taxes. Trump had her @ the 33k emails and should have continued but he did not. He also had 1 only 1 great chance to mention Benghazi which he slept through. And BTW the moderator was so much grilling Trump doing H a favor
David Lewayne Porter If hilary does not win I will be surprised.I don’t want it, but that is the way America wants to head.Anti moral, anti god.Lie, cheat, steal.
Karen Lucas Lie, cheat, steal describes Trump too… Just saying.
David Lewayne Porter But did he intentionally Leave people to die?
Karen Lucas…/2012-benghazi-attack…
Karen Lucas You do realize that I am not a HRC supporter, right?
David Lewayne Porter Do you realize that I don’t care.Go back and read my OP that started this thread.
Karen Lucas Okay. So….
David Lewayne Porter America wants evil.They will go for the most wicked and evil.
Karen Lucas Hmmm. I see.
Troy Day yap Jon Sellers called it long long ago in a galaxy not so far away
Charles PageCharles Trump was being himself and being yourself is not popular.
Troy Day When she was talking about making Americans safe in and outside America, Trump had a great chance to hit her with Benghazi and he did not. Pulling punches?
Charles PageCharles I noticed that
Stan Wayne Clinton News Network – I think he did well – Now he has put away ridiculous faux issues like birthers and tax returns.On substantive issues like economy and trade and taxes and Iraq he was great.It was a Holt hit Job and he did well With undecideds.
Troy Day blah-blah-blah same ole Trump was obviously pulling punches and the key question here is WHY?
Charles PageCharles Trump has a cavalier winning temperament – he was being himself
David Lewayne Porter Praying for the rapture.
Charles PageCharles That prayer was answered!
Troy Day David Lewayne Porter seems like Ricky Grimsley wants us to stay and see it all
David Lewayne Porter Ricky or Charles?
David Lewayne Porter CharlesApparently not,😎😆
Charles PageCharles A prayer answering God He came quickly
David Lewayne Porter Yawn, personal interpretation.Too many holes within that belief system.(So why did your pastor suggest that you find another church?).
Charles PageCharles I pried too much into his Calvinism!  Turns out he is a closet 5-point Calvinist  He had previously warned me personally in his office that subject was off the table!
Charles PageCharles JW and pre-mill eschatology has too many holes.
David Lewayne Porter Lol,I am neither.
Troy Day This is JUST WAY TOO FUNNY Henry Volk Stan Wayne Muslims have responded to Donald Trump’s comments that they “must report something when they see it going on.” 🙂
Troy Day Stan Wayne Karen Lucas It’s some serious theological shade. Faith leaders are calling out the Religious Right for failing to abandon Trump… David Lewayne Porter
Karen Lucas No, Troy Day. You are not the only one.
Troy Day But then the “OTHER” options really scares me – – – Obama Admin: Terrorist Won’t Attack Us If We Have Good Gun Control Laws. Who in this group is ALL FOR the 2nd amendment?…/
Karen Lucas I’m not scared about anything.
Troy Day If they take the 2nd ammdmnt away we ALL got lots to be scared about…
Karen Lucas That’s crazy talk. No one is taking the 2nd amendment away.
Stan Wayne They are idiotic :Ok we get it – you don’t like our boy Donald cuz he is braggadocios crude self absorbed impolite uncouth – ok already – but it isn’t about the Donald – it’s about big issues like the country itself – good grief
Troy Day Your boy dont stand a chance Stan Wayne these people got things planned a 100 yrs ahead and aint gonna let The Donald mess them up. He wants to get in the big game but aint gonna happen
Stan Wayne Is that a prophecy by the Spirit of God?
Troy Day Is your claim of Trump becoming the next president  a definite prophecy by the Spirit of God?
Stan Wayne I have never made that claim – I am hoping he will against all forces arrayed against him including naive and offended Christians
Stan Wayne What is the title of this thread again?
Troy Day This is a simple look at what happened on the last debate and thereafter. Trump got smacked around again and it seems like the junk they got on him is just starting to surface and thrown against him.…/we-can-forgive-donald…/
Troy Day who stole your material Troy?…/60444-major-election…
Stan Wayne Dumb to quote extreme left media as authority on what will happen in future
Charles PageCharles Read “Unlimited Access”  Gary Aldrich
Troy Day
Stan Wayne…/60378-why-i-believe-trump…
Stan Wayne Who lance wallnau
Troy Day Dr. Lance Wallnau is a catalytic thought leader. with 4+ Trump prophecies which this group has apparently missed so far…
Stan Wayne Catalytic as in catalytic converter
Troy Day Those are expensive
Stan Wayne More expensive if you can’t spell or figure numbers
Troy Day Charles Page is the spell checker of this group he sees them as he calls them
Karen Lucas I am more and more disturbed by Charisma News. It’s so fruit loopy out there half of the time, especially their solicitations. I have abandoned it for Christianity Today.
Charles PageCharles I also stopped clicking  to their links.  So loaded with ads
Ricky Grimsley I heard a pastor say sunday that declined to give them a story because they were the “inquirer” of the religious world.
Karen Lucas What does that even mean, Ricky Grimsley?
Ricky Grimsley I spelled it wrong but “Enquirer” but they are like tabloids that run with unchecked and embellished stories and headlines. Over emphasize things to bring attention where none is needed.
Karen Lucas Oh, you mean a pastor declined to give Charisma News a story because they were like the Enquirer? I don’t blame him then. What can people like us do to call them out?
Ricky Grimsley I guess just stuff like this?
Troy Day Let’s keep the main thing the main thing
Karen Lucas Good luck with that with this crowd….I still haven’t been able to find any of the articles mentioned in the original conversation prompt.
Troy Day Do you mean this?…/
Troy Day Charisma magazine just balanced your argument 🙂…/60506-former-haitian…
Karen Lucas Significantly better and definitely not so hokey but still a little on the sensational side with the dramatic ending. I wouldn’t exactly call it balanced reporting.
Karen Lucas So we’re going to a new topic?
Troy Day It’s all the same only the name will change ~Bon Jovi…/
Karen Lucas Thanks. I can see them now.
Troy Day clearly now that the rain is gone…
Karen Lucas Lol…You’re like a jukebox today.
Troy Day Lost for words Charisma magazine Lee Grady From prophesied for to a prophet to the nation? “Is Trump Himself a Prophet? This Businessman Says Yes!” – now we have a businessman telling the church who is the prophet ???…/59307-is-trump-himself-a…
Troy Day Editor’s note: This is part 3 of a three-part series ???
Ricky Grimsley Maybe like caiphas
Troy Day Lost for words again or charisma gone nuts?…/60598-witches-exert…
Karen Lucas Wow.  What in the world?
Troy Day Not his fault. Charisma made him do it


  • Reply June 14, 2019

    Varnel Watson

    Do we STILL need to be aware of them William DeArteaga With all the love and respect for Wilkerson his political prophecy was doomed. So was one of the last ones in 2009 when called for a world disaster and stocking up food and non perishables for the weeks to come. Jimmy Swaggart’s current TV program sells electric generators for when the grid goes all off. Dont know if Stan Wayne got one, but surely Charles Page got two two camp along with Timothy Carter I do hope David Lewayne Porter approves this message Charles Page knows them political profits as it seems

  • Link Hudson
    Reply June 14, 2019

    Link Hudson

    A lot of Old Testament prophecy dealt with rulers and governmental issues.

    • Reply June 15, 2019

      Varnel Watson

      Link Hudson do you agree with Charles Page stance on this?

  • Daniel J Hesse
    Reply June 15, 2019

    Daniel J Hesse

    I am still awaiting the return of Saddam Hussein the prophesied Antichrist. Where can I get a refund on my prophecy chart and the accompaniment of 6 tape cassettes at 19.99?

  • Reply June 16, 2019

    Varnel Watson

    it is becoming a trend Nelson Banuchi

  • Reply March 28, 2020

    Varnel Watson

    Peter Vandever Jon Sellers Gary Micheal Epping How to interpret Dr. Brown’s politiCostalim?

  • Jon Sellers
    Reply March 28, 2020

    Jon Sellers

    You slander him wrongly. You said,
    Dr. Brown, who is the lead apologist for the heretical movement, is unique among NAR leaders in that he enjoys close fellowship with non-charismatic evangelical leaders. For the most part, Brown denies that NAR exists or is a strange, convoluted conspiracy theory when in front of non-charismatics, but among NAR audiences, he recognizes its existence and embraces its chief leaders.

    You use Pulpit and Pen as a source. They are divisive and extremely wrong. They would trash your theology in a heartbeat.

    Don’t tag me anymore. I don’t have time for your irrational screeds.

  • Peter Vandever
    Reply March 28, 2020

    Peter Vandever

    Dr Brown has become way too political for my liking

  • Reply March 28, 2020

    Varnel Watson

    THANK YOU very much Peter Vandever NOW Jon Sellers can you stop with all your politics today This is enough Brown denies NAR and so did P Wagner who fathered NAR #noughsaid

  • Louise Cummings
    Reply March 28, 2020

    Louise Cummings

    I don’t know enough about him. I would love to know his prophecies.

  • Louise Cummings
    Reply March 28, 2020

    Louise Cummings

    I meant no offense. Thank you.

  • Reply March 29, 2020

    Varnel Watson

    ‘Anybody that needs a test gets a test. We – they’re there. They have the tests. And the tests are beautiful’

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