Before we leave the advancement of Christianity

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Luchen Bailey |


Before we leave the advancement of Christianity in the British Commonwealth, we would like to look at one of their most outstanding Missionary and Explorer, David Livingston.

Although he excelled in the field of exploring, I would like to look at his calling to mission. I have spent many hours in research of this great Missionary, so it is hard to put such a great life in a few paragraphs.

David Livingston
David Livingstone was born on March 19, 1813, to a working-class family, in Blantyre, the second of seven children. The family shared a room in a tenement building owned by the mill company. At the age of 10 David worked in the cotton mill, 14 hours a day, spent his nights and weekend studying. David soon joined the Congregational Church. At nineteen he was promoted at the mine, and was able to save enough money to attend the University of Glasgow to study medicine and theology.

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