Alot of people are afraid on deliverance ministry today

Peter A Vandever |

Alot of people are afraid on deliverance ministry today but it is very bibilical when operating properly. Here is a few things to consider about the ministry.

Corey Forsyth [12/02/2015 6:47 AM]
I have seen both sides of this. I have seen legitimate deliverance through my dad’s pastorate as a child. Funny part was dad took me with him to pick her up for church in is pickup truck. I was aware of the situation at 8 years old. She started making disturbing noises and I tried to hide that I was freaking out… turns out she also had some allergy issues. lol On the flip side, I heard a preacher try to cast out the “spirit of sunburn.”

John Kissinger [12/02/2015 8:37 AM]
short answer: b/c they cannot answer the simple question: Can a Christian have a demon? Can light dwell with darkness?

Robert Borders [12/02/2015 8:52 AM]
Thanks for sharing. I stumbled upon the need for deliverance ministry 40+ years ago as a college student but found little teaching or guidance in this area until 25 years ago when I took a seminary class in this area in a non pentecostal seminary. Two medical doctors in the class encouraged me to take my wife to see the Mennonite lay minister Dean Hochstettler for deliverance ministry. Most pentecostal churches did not deal with deliverance in those days.

John Kissinger [12/02/2015 8:54 AM]
many articles at the website – would be thankful if you can provide feedback and direction toward such ministry in the church

Charles Page [12/02/2015 1:53 PM]
much of deliverance ministry is confrontational psychoanalysis, albeit a faulty psychology. It occasionally works.

John Kissinger [12/02/2015 1:57 PM]
hey Peter A Vandever a lot of people are afraid to be delivered themselves (or to be delivered from themselves ) Link Alan Timothy

John Kissinger [12/02/2015 3:46 PM]
more most/many miraculous changes come after experiencing a full sanctification

Timothy Carter [12/03/2015 4:28 AM]
I have often thought that many of the people who suddenly get miraculously healed from strange diseases are hypercondriac meaning that they’re not really sick in the first place. And that God has deliver them of their psychological problem of hypochondria. Please don’t misunderstand me this would be a healing. This would be a psychological healing.

Timothy Carter [12/03/2015 4:31 AM]
Also there is a disease identified psychologically as FICTITIOUS DISORDER .
Factitious disorder is a serious mental disorder in which someone deceives others by appearing sick, by purposely getting sick, or by self-injury. Factitious disorder symptoms can range from mild (slight exaggeration of symptoms) to severe (previously called Munchausen syndrome). The person may make up symptoms or even tamper with medical tests to convince others that treatment, such as high-risk surgery, is needed.

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