A.J. Tomlinson’s Diary (in 3 volumes) [full view, search, download]

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A.J. Tomlinson’s Diary (in 3 volumes)
[for full view, search and download]
Catalog Record: Diary of A. J. Tomlinson | Hathi Trust Digital Library

John Kissinger [10/31/2015 12:50 PM]
We should probably take this publication more seriously especially in the light of Wade Phillips’ trilogy

John Kissinger [11/01/2015 6:10 AM]
I’d like to draw attention to at least several passages referring to early baptism with the Holy Spirit (prior to AJ’s baptism and prior to Azusa Str., 1906)

Vol. 3. p. 13 “Received the Holy Ghost about March, 1896” – [referring to… ?]

Vol. 3, p. 36 note on August 4, 1904 “Just arrived home from Drygo, Tenn., where we held a ten days meeting. Some converted, some received the Holy Ghost

Vol. 3, p. 49 June 14, 1907 Glorious results. Speaking in other tongues by the Holy Ghost.

Vol. 3, p. 52 August 19, 1907 One received the baptism with the Holy Ghost and spoke with other tongues.


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