2016 could be very prophetic

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The year 2016 could very possibly bring the greatest prophetic fulfillment that has taken place on this earth in the last 2,000 years. Today, they look at prophetic fulfillments to expect in 2016.

Tammy Rockwell [01/05/2016 1:13 PM]
Why oh why???

John Kissinger [01/06/2016 8:11 AM]

John Kissinger [01/06/2016 8:13 AM]
for this reason 2016 should be year of #PRAYER http://cupandcross.com/2016-the-year-of-prayer/

John Conger [01/06/2016 9:57 AM]
I don’t listen to etm anymore but did many years ago. He used to teach that the 3rd trumpet was Chernobyl, the 4th was Saddam burning the oilfields in Kuwait, and the 5th was the apache helicopters in desert storm. (looked like demons to the Iraqis ?). This is a perfect example of someone who tries to force current events into scripture. He used to come to Odessa often to a large upc church there that supported him.

Tammy Rockwell [01/06/2016 10:01 AM]
Thus page is not about theology, it’s a about fatalistic, charismatic, escapist rhetoric.

John Conger [01/06/2016 10:03 AM]

Jim Price [01/06/2016 11:13 AM]
Irvin Baxter seems like a sincere man but he has wrapped himself up in trying to tie together O T prophecies that were never meant to be connected. I expect that in Jan. 2017 we will be hearing all over again how that will be the year of the end time. Meanwhile those of us who grew up in the pentecostal tradition will be distracted from preparing for our own future and we will not be diligent in getting our children and grandchildren to ” occupy til He come” as we should. It only takes getting saved to be prepared for the second coming; it takes generations to establish a families presence in the world.

Tammy Rockwell [01/06/2016 11:51 AM]
Nobody who knows anything about Hollis Gause would insult him or his memory by putting him in the same category as the get get rich off of fear mongering and false prophecy as the guys lauded on this Facebook page, and that includes the dude in the article

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