14 August 2022

14 August 2022

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Brandon Smith: Artificial Intelligence – A Secular Look At The Digital Antichrist
Why do globalists have a deep rooted obsession with Artificial Intelligence (AI)? What is it about the fervent quest for an autonomous digitized brain that sends them into fits of ecstasy? Is it all about what AI can do for them and their agenda, or, is there also a darker “occult” element to the concept that is so appealing?  ? AI governance is slated to go into full effect by 2030 according to the UN’s own white papers (All globalist institutions have set 2030 as the target date for all of their projects).

Orthodox Jew stabbed outside Kosher meat plant in Montreal
The attack reportedly took place on Thursday. Video footage of the incident published to Twitter by StopAntisemitism shows the victim casually leaning on a scooter on the sidewalk outside a Kosher meat processing plant. He is dressed in traditional Jewish garb, wearing a white shirt, black pants and Tzitzit above his shirt.

“I Didn’t See Donald Trump Sweating At All”: GOP Lawmakers Who Met Trump Say He’s Not Rattled After FBI Raid
President Donald Trump was “very upbeat” in the wake of the FBI raid on his home, according to Republican lawmakers who met with him on Aug. 9. “I didn’t see Donald Trump sweating at all last night. I didn’t see him being concerned,” Rep. Troy Nehls (R-Texas) told The Epoch Times on Aug. 10. Trump, Nehls said, was “cordial,” “very upbeat,” and “very positive.” He and others saw the FBI’s move as part of a continued campaign to attack and discredit the former president, who, he said, was “not moved by it.”

“Tijuana Under Attack!”: Sudden Eruption Of Cartel Violence Leaves Cars Burned Across Border City
The U.S. Consulate in Tijuana has requested all American government employees to shelter in place until further notice after cartel violence erupted in parts of northern Mexico.

Former FBI Assistant Director Says ‘Handful In Leadership’ Are Politicizing Bureau, Following Mar-a-Lago Raid
A raid on former President Donald Trump’s home on Aug. 8 has sharpened the nation’s focus on what many Republicans have been raising alarms about for years—the politicization of the Justice Department (DOJ) and its law enforcement arm, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Republican U.S. Senator Charles Grassley of Iowa has been demanding answers about alleged politicization well before the raid.

IRS Hiring Spree Is Biggest Expansion of Police State in American History
The Democrats’ new reconciliation bill isn’t just going to be the largest-ever expansion of a government agency. It’s going to be the largest expansion of the domestic police state in American history. Only a statist could believe that a federal government, which already collects $4.1 trillion every year—or $12,300 for every citizen—supposedly needs 80 battalions of new IRS cops.

Murder rate in major U.S. cities higher than Ukraine’s civilian death rate
Ukraine’s recorded civilian death rate from the Russian invasion is considerably lower than the per capita murder rate in major American cities, according to the United Nations Human Rights office. Based on pre-pandemic data, 52 U.S. cities had worse homicide rates than Ukraine’s civilian death rate,

2024 election being rigged ‘right now in plain sight’
The results of the 2020 presidential election may not have been changed from President Donald Trump to Joe Biden by blatant vote fraud – voters casting ballots in the names of neighbors or dead people – so much as it was impacted by being rigged. “The FBI raid on Trump’s home isn’t just about prosecuting the former president for Jan. 6, it’s about fixing the next presidential election,” Davidson explained. ”

U.S. to pause oil, gas leasing on 2.2 million acres in Colorado over climate impact
The Bureau of Land Management will pause oil and gas leasing on 2.2 million acres of Colorado public land after environmental groups alleged its current management plan failed to consider climate impacts, according to a settlement.

Making oxygen with magnets could help astronauts breathe easy
A potentially better way to make oxygen for astronauts in space using magnetism has been proposed by an international team of scientists, including a University of Warwick chemist.

‘No place to put them’: Juvenile charged with sex crimes, DUI sent back home
A 16-year-old from Rochester who was arrested last Friday on fourth- and fifth-degree criminal sexual conduct charges was sent back home to live with his mother, according to Capt. Jim Schueller of the Olmsted County Sheriff’s Office. The suspect was pulled over just after midnight when a deputy working a drunk driving detail spotted the boy’s vehicle traveling 60 mph in a 40-mph zone, weaving in and out of traffic. His blood alcohol content was over the legal limit, “His mom is at the end of her rope and she doesn’t want him back,” “This is the worst I’ve seen in the juvenile system,” said Schueller, who’s been with the Olmsted County Sheriff’s Office for 23 years. “There seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel,” he said. “I don’t see it changing.”

UN official loses post after tweeting support for Israel
A United Nations (UN) official has been demoted after posting a tweet condemning “indiscriminate rocket fire of Islamic Jihad provoking Israel retaliation.” Sarah Muscroft, who had held a senior position in the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, provoked a wave of online controversy with her tweet, during which she praised the ceasefire that marked the end of Operation Breaking Dawn.

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