Are Your Friends Prepared for Food Shortages? :: By Lisa Heaton

Are Your Friends Prepared for Food Shortages? :: By Lisa Heaton

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You see it, the coming food shortages, and are preparing to the best of your ability. If you’re anything like me, you’ve mentioned it to your friends and family and find they often dismiss your warnings. Because of that, I finally recorded a video, and put the warning in writing, and sent it to every single one of my contacts. I know many of them think I’m crazy, and guess what? I’m totally fine with that. My job is to warn. What they do with the warning is totally up to them.

I’m including below what I sent in case this may help you. Take some or all of the information and share it with your friends and family. Copy and paste if you’d like. Since my contacts vary in their beliefs and the sources they might be willing to listen to, I added a variety, from secular to Christian articles and videos. I also added an excerpt and link to my own Prepare Your Home page on my Daybreak with Lisa site. There, I give a good starter lesson on preparing your home when the idea of “prepping” is new to most. Maybe it will help your own friends and family.

I hope you will check out some of the resources below even if you don’t plan to share the information with your friends. We all must prepare physically, mentally, and spiritually for what’s to come since we don’t know how much we will see of the set-up for the tribulation. Like you, I hope and pray Jesus comes soon, like, today. If we’re here for a while longer, though, we will be of no use to our family, friends, and neighbors if we are in a state of panic, just trying to eat and survive from day to day. Let’s be prepared, help others prepare, and then be a calm and steady voice for those around us who don’t or won’t see what’s coming.

Watch for the upcoming Prepare the Heart Series that will run here on Rapture Ready.

We only have so many daybreaks remaining before the Son sets out to get His bride. Let’s be children of Light and make the most of our time because the days are evil (Ephesians 5).

Watch Video First: A Personal Message from Lisa

Click here for the video link.

If you would like to receive future updates from me, such as videos, articles, and series notifications, submit your email address on my Updates page. Daybreak.Team (Daybreak with Lisa) is the site where I share information for you to investigate our world and its current happenings.

Below are varied sources that are all saying the same thing: Food shortages are coming all over the world. We, here in the U.S., will not be spared.

Mainstream Media Sources:

UN Chief Warns of ‘Catastrophe’ From Global Food Shortage – US News
Excerpt: “Guterres noted that harvests across Asia, Africa and the Americas will take a hit as farmers around the world struggle to cope with rising fertilizer and energy prices. ‘This year’s food access issues could become next year’s global food shortage,’ he said. ‘No country will be immune to the social and economic repercussions of such a catastrophe.’”

Food shortages could be ‘just as deadly’ as global pandemic – New York Post article

Nation’s Food Shortage Already Underway – Newsmax article

Food Shortages Prompt People to Stockpile – One America News Network
The above video features an interview with a survival food supplier. I’m not including this video as an advertisement for the product. (I’ve never used the product.) Instead, the video content is informative.

Christian Perspective:

I highly encourage you to watch this video:
Controlled Demolition of Everything – Pastor Tom Hughes
Pastor Tom Hughes is a great source to watch for current national and world happenings. If you would like to see more from him, follow his videos at Hope for Our Times.

Quoted in the video above and worth the read: U.S. Farmers Issue Dire Warnings of Food Shortages as Most Americans are Clueless as to How Their Food is Produced and Unprepared for What’s Coming – Health Impact News

My Site:

Located on this page, you will find help to get you started in preparing your home. I have basic lists of items you may need.

Excerpt from the Prepare Page of the Daybreak site:

“Get your house in order is a phrase that has come to mind off and on for months, one I know is the Spirit’s leading to have what I need for when difficult times arise. This isn’t just a call to prepare for my own family. It’s a call to position myself to help, to share with others who will be in need.” Read more.

Prepper Sources:

WARNING from a Farmer: Get READY! – YouTube Channel: Appalachia’s Homestead with Patara

10 Foods You NEED to BUY NOW (Before It’s GONE) Emergency Food Storage | Prepping Pantry – YouTube Channel: The Mac’s

If What They’re Telling Us Is True, You Should Store Food – YouTube Channel: City Prepping

Ranchers are Worried and Scared! Drought, Shortages and Inflation! |
What to do NOW to be Prepared  This is a good beginner’s video. – YouTube Channel: The Prepared Homestead

The above information is a lot to take in. Usually, I would say take your time and read/watch over time. In this case, however, I can’t urge you enough to move quickly through it. There’s no time to waste in preparing your home and family for whatever our future might hold as it pertains to limited food availability.

I see way more than food shortages headed our way. Our world isn’t normal and won’t ever return to what we once knew. The Bible is very clear about what the final days of our world will look like prior to Jesus’ return for His bride at the rapture and then during the time of the tribulation. (I wholeheartedly believe in a pre-tribulation rapture.) If you’ve intentionally avoided the prophetic books of God’s Word up until now, this is the time to read for yourself and pursue sound Bible teachers who will help you understand. I pray you will heed my warning.

My favorite teaching resources can be found here: Pastors/Teachers/Websites

Grace and peace to you in the days ahead,



About Lisa:

As an author, Lisa Heaton is a storyteller with a heart for truth. Her greatest desire in her fiction and nonfiction work is to challenge the reader to discover the truth of who Jesus is and who they are to Him. Now, here as we wait for the any-minute arrival of Jesus for His church in the rapture, Lisa’s latest mission is to warn the lost and wake the found and to help others discover their unique voice to share the truth of our times. More at and Daybreak.Team.

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