100 years past Azusa street new revival prophecy

100 years past Azusa street new revival prophecy
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There has been alot of interest in a prophecy that was given at Azusa Street in 1907 about the “Latter Glory.” In order to be biblical, it must be judged by the prophets.

John Kissinger [12/02/2015 2:12 PM]
110 years series beginning in Feb. 2016 on http://cupandcross.com/diamonds-in-the-rough-and-ready-pentecostal-series/

Peter A Vandever [12/02/2015 2:15 PM]
Series? Not sure what this has to do with the 1907 prophetic word?

John Kissinger [12/02/2015 2:17 PM]
A lot – just look and you will see. I would love to take you on it later but for right now I’ll just say that you’ll be dead wrong if you go against Pentecostal restoration. After all even Charles Page page went back to primitivism 🙂 http://www.amazon.com/Pentecostal-Primitivism-Preserved-Donev-D-Min/dp/1477557539

Peter A Vandever [12/02/2015 2:19 PM]
Linkbait it is lol

Link Hudson [12/02/2015 3:11 PM]
Did someone call me? I don’t agree that God is never into heritage. In the Old Testament, there are repeated reminders about God calling Israel out of Egypt. Every year, the Israelites were to have festivals where they would live in booths, eat unleavened bread, etc. which reminded every generation of the Exodus. Purim remembered the events of Esther. Jesus went to the festival of lights, which remembered the purifying of the temple during the intertestamental period.

I do think there is a place for heritage. But we are to ‘contend for the faith which was once delivered to the saints’ and Jesus said to teach what He had commanded. So the heritage we should really look at is Biblical heritage, and we can appreciate aspects of history along the way. Restoring Azusa Street isn’t enough.

Peter A Vandever [12/02/2015 3:14 PM]
Remembering what God has done and trying to return to where you have been is two different matters.

John Kissinger [12/02/2015 3:40 PM]
A church which has lost its memory of the past
can only wander aimlessly in the present
and despair in its future”
~ John A. Sims

Peter A Vandever [12/02/2015 3:41 PM]
Where did I say lose sight of the past? Nowhere.

John Kissinger [12/02/2015 3:45 PM]
Acts 1:6 “Then they gathered around him and asked him, “Lord, are you at this time going to restore…” hm let’s see here: seems Pentecost as a restoration is the never ending topic of Acts and the New Testament

John Kissinger [12/03/2015 8:28 AM]
apart from this old video I really did not find much on the subject https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AdD2RfcJXp0

John Kissinger [12/03/2015 8:31 AM]
obviously disregarding the Tommy Welchel telling it – BTW did you hear Tommy Welchel in person or just saw the interviews?

Peter A Vandever [12/03/2015 8:32 AM]
I met him a few years ago. Good guy but I have my questions about the prophetic word… that I pointed out.l

John Kissinger [12/03/2015 8:33 AM]
So I remember when it came out around 2009-2010 but I dont understand why the interest today? It’s already beyond past and BTW many claim Frank Bartleman was the one who prophesied the 100 year renewal

John Kissinger [12/03/2015 8:38 AM]
Oh and how can we miss the Liardon cover version: In 1909, after the initial 1000 day glory outpouring in Azusa street, W. Seymour prophesied that God would restore the glory in 100 years. It would take 100 . http://wn.com/william_j_seymour_charles_parham_great_azusa_street_revival

Peter A Vandever [12/03/2015 9:09 AM]
The prophecy as I understand was “about 100 years” and that could be anything from Toronto onward.

John Kissinger [12/03/2015 9:12 AM]
well since we’re now abut 110 yrs…


  • Reply June 1, 2020

    Varnel Watson

    coming soon to a city near you Peter Vandever Joe Absher

  • Reply June 1, 2020

    Peter Vandever

    I question this prophecy

    • Reply June 1, 2020

      Varnel Watson

      I have no reason to question it Except the 100 yrs have already past We all well know the prophecy was given to Bartleman trough his wife and transmitted in his publications HOWEVER most historians have overlooked it because of his wife’s origin and we are left only with the spectacle commentators who would include it on occasions

  • Reply June 4, 2020

    Varnel Watson

    Peter Vandever ADAPT? to what – worldly morals and values in a corrupt and failing system of SIN? JESUS never adapted He LED culture – a left behind church will still be saying we need to adapt after the real church is grabbed away Steve Losee

    A small virus shut down most churches in the world and they are so crippled they can hardly open again HOW is such a weak church open during the Tribulation and save soul? No cant do
    (1) for starters: ONLY the ones who take the mark of the Beast (whoever that may be) will not be able to buy or sell. Anything! Food, gas, electricity, water – absolutely nothing.
    (2) The pastors will NOT be able to receive salaries, insurance or anything included in their package. Remember, if the church cannot buy or sale, neither can the pastor receive a salary. And even if a salary is given, what would the pastor spend it on without the mark of the beast?
    (3) Tithing system – those are most usually set up with a paper check or some sort of electronic banking like debiting or crediting. With the mark of the beast, the church will NOT be able to receive those moneys and even if it does, it cannot operate with them to buy or sell anything.
    (4) What about church buildings – without the mark of the beast they will not be able to purchase any service – electricity, lights, internet, gas for church vans, insurance, special events, catering, food – no communion elements. Nothing at all. With no professional services available, a church building may last a few months, but will fall apart soon before the Tribulation is over… Just think about it
    (5) Any other church related logistics or operations that depend on the purchase of gasoline and transportation. They way current church infrastructure in America is set up, how many would actually take the time to walk miles and miles to a church?

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