Would Jesus want you to bake a gay wedding cake?

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Asen Shudov | PentecostalTheology.com


Byron Benefield [05/11/2015 7:50 PM]
This is a slippery slope towards apostasy.

Byron Benefield [05/11/2015 8:03 PM]
What most people don’t realize is that the cake represents something in the wedding ceremony. The feeling of the cake and wine (or juice) to one another represents the covenant meal or communion and should not be taken lightly. So many couples smear cake in one another’s face not understanding that is symbolizes their covenant as one and their covenant with Christ. To smear it is saying in effect that this is something taken lightly. And sadly statistics prove that to be true. Could you imagine the church doing something like that during communion? This is also not discerning the Lord’s body. So to do a Communion/Covenant cake for a gay wedding is something Christ would be against.

Thangsan Hisfootstep [05/11/2015 9:55 PM]
Andy, I think the case is more than baking a cake. It’s even to host the whole ceremony. Go back home to your mom-and-dad and ask them the real situation.

Liberty Gilham [05/12/2015 9:51 AM]
Where is he coming from? Is he gay?

Marvin Elliott [05/12/2015 10:50 AM]

Pentecostal Theology [05/13/2015 2:34 PM]

Pentecostal Theology [05/13/2015 2:38 PM]
Does anyone even remember this was already said in 2014? http://elielcruz.religionnews.com/2014/12/17/time-settled-jesus-bake-cake/

Roger Throckmorton [05/13/2015 3:36 PM]
NO, He would call them to repent and be born-again!

Roger Throckmorton [05/13/2015 3:37 PM]
Some will say anything to fill a pew!

Pentecostal Theology [05/13/2015 5:06 PM]
For most Pentecostal ministers, the question perhaps is: “Does Jesus want me to EAT that cake?” Alan N Carla Smith Rick Wadholm Jr

Rick Wadholm Jr [05/13/2015 5:08 PM]
I like cake!

Disgruntled [05/13/2015 7:29 PM]
Will you unsubscribe me from your email list. I never subscribed and I am tired of your junk emails,


Nelson Banuchi [05/13/2015 9:37 PM]
Reading the comments and articles here, this question came too mind: Why is one considered full of hatred and bigotry if he says, “Homosexuality is a sin,” but not if he says, “Adultery is a sin,” or “Lying is a sin,” or “Pedophilia is a sin,” or “Polygamy is a sin”?

John Ruffle [05/13/2015 11:56 PM]
Because LGBT is a political agenda. Remeber back to the Cold War days, and many preachers were exposing the Communist agenda, and the destruction of the family was pretty high up there. While the evidence was there, I was never too comfortable with the ‘blame the commies’ for everythings stance. Because the real agenda was far bigger than communism – that was just a little pawn in the devil’s warfront. The sad truth is that the permissive (Western) ’60s unleashed such a flood-tide of destructive evil, and what was counter-culture back then is now mainstream.

Pentecostal Theology [05/14/2015 6:56 AM]
Because it seems more and more obvious that the pro gay-marriage movement is not really pro-marriage and family values but against them…

Pentecostal Theology [05/14/2015 7:45 AM]


  • Reply April 18, 2016

    Ricky Grimsley

    I say yes. Where does it end. If you are a Christian realtor, waiter, etc, can you not service them either? Then do you also not service people in adulterous marriages? Baking a cake isnt the same as marrying them. Imo

  • Reply April 18, 2016

    Varnel Watson

    Not sure how and when to draw the line on this one. It’s all the same if you ask from what we’ve seen – we start with the cake and end up with…

  • Reply February 14, 2023


    Andy Stanley is not theologically sound.

    • Reply February 14, 2023


      what specifically does he err? Jeffrey Snyder Dan Anthony

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