Would CLINTON or BUSH be the #CHRISTIAN choice in 2016?

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Would CLINTON or BUSH be the #CHRISTIAN choice in 2016?

Cadence Ashley Westbrooke [07/13/2015 12:38 PM]

John Kissinger [07/13/2015 1:25 PM]
Neither is probably right!

Cadence Ashley Westbrooke [07/13/2015 2:30 PM]
Hahaha. No, thank you. Give me Carly Fiorina. Then again I am not a citizen or old enough to vote so perhaps it doesn’t matter. Hahaha.

John Kissinger [07/18/2015 7:36 AM]

Daniel Christopher Hill [07/28/2015 4:25 PM]

Rosemary Swinehart [08/01/2015 10:53 AM]
Are you serious? There’s nothing Christian about either one! If this country is going to make a true turn around you have to look at who’s truly qualified. I’m tired of lying lawyers and politicians who suffer from greed. It’s time people look at a businessman. Me.Trump has spoke on CHRISTIAN persecution in this country and abroad. There is no reason for it going on not in America and our Christian captives abroad should already be back home this is disgraceful! I’ve heard him say it. He is who I’m voting for. Bringing back a Godly nation is what your after I suggest TRUMP

Ricky Grimsley [08/01/2015 12:26 PM]
Since neither are christians we should look elsewhere

John Kissinger [08/06/2015 3:23 PM]
guess NONE http://www.caintv.com/hillary-ill-tell-you-my-positi

John Kissinger [08/06/2015 3:23 PM]

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