I just wanted to make a short post about end times prophecy. Some will disagree about The Rapture of the church, when or even if it will happen, but let’s not get hung up on that event bc most all agree with the rest. You can look these scriptures up yourself, but most of what is true has multiple scripture references, so it’s hard to just teach this in a quick, short manner. If you disagree with anything here, that’s your prerogative. I’m not looking to debate anything here bc you’re not going to change my mind. I have carefully studied this subject and have an actual diploma from and accredited university on end times, so I’m pretty set. We don’t HAVE to agree on everything bc this is NOT a salvation issue….

God’s prophetic calendar….

1. The Rapture. This is where there is a catching up of the Saints. I believe it occurs just before the 7 yrs of the Tribulation. Some believe it happens in the middle of the Tribulation. Some believe it really doesn’t happen at all and the only time Jesus comes for us is at the Second Coming. More on that later

2. Immediately following the rapture, the Tribulation period starts. There will be 3 1/2 years of world peace. Israel will sign a Peace Agreement with those nations that surround it. The anti christ will broker the deal. He will be revealed, but many will be deceived about who he is. He will be worshiped as a great man of peace and prosperity.

3. The anti christ will be promoted heavily by the false prophet. Many (including me) believe the false prophet will be the pope at that time. The antichrist will perform miracles. And he will desecrate the temple in Jerusalem, which will have been rebuilt on the Temple Mount by then.

4.After 3 1/2 years of peace, it will suddenly become very bad. The bible says it will be like a time never before and that God in His mercy will shorten those days. There will be plagues released, wars started, indescribable torture of humanity. The anti christ will issue an edict to get chipped and do away with our money. He will set up a one world government and one world currency. Many will be behead that refuse the chip. The bible calls these ppl martyrs that are given honor in heaven. Israel will be attacked, but God will supernaturally protect them.

5. The armies of the world will amass at Armageddon. Some (including me) believe that these armies are Islamic. I also believe the anti christ to be the 12th Imam that muslims are waiting and preparing for right now.

6. The Second Coming…..Jesus returns from heaven with a host of Saints. He calls all believers together at that time to face off against the armies of the world. The bible says He and the Saints will be riding horses, Jesus’ horse being white. As they prepare to battle, Jesus will merely speak the Word and the army of the world will be defeated. The bible says it will be so bloody that the blood will be as deep as the horse reins and that the animals and birds will pick the carcasses for moths afterwards.

7. Sin is defeated and a New Jerusalem comes down from heaven and sits on Jerusalem. It is 1500 miles square and high. This is the city of God. Jesus will be the light there. He will be with His people. He will assign the Saints to go govern all parts of the earth. Life will continue on, with humans still having babies and worshiping God. This is known as the Millennial Reign, and there will be peace under the one world government of Jesus, who will be a benevolent dictator. Satan will be bound during this period.

8. Near the end of the 1,000 yrs, people will begin to get rebellious again. Satan will be loosed for a season, and there will be another great war where satan and God’s enemies are defeated.

9. This is where some of us disagree…..I believe that at the end of that war, we will be taken up to heaven to spend eternity. Some believe that the new Jerusalem is the same as heaven. There is a text in Peter that indicates the world will be destroyed, and that’s why I believe as I do.

10. Eternity with God, who sits on the throne and Jesus who sits at His right hand! God has given all authority over to Jesus, so it will be Jesus that we worship in the beautiful heavens! A river of life runs thru it! How, majestic it must be! Eye has not seen, ear has not heard how wonderful it will be. And there we will spend eternity!

If that’s not enough to make you want to give your everything to Jesus, I can’t imagine what is! Call upon Him today! Christians, keep oil in your lamp! It could happen any hour now! God bless y’all!