Why am I NOT a Calvinist? REASON #4: God so loved the WORLD

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Why am I NOT a Calvinist?
REASON #4: God so loved the world! The whole world – not just the chosen part of the world… Jon Sellers John Earp Rick Wadholm Jr

Rick Wadholm Jr [07/23/2015 3:52 PM]
That presupposes a certain variety of Reformed beliefs, but would not include the likes of Lesslie Newbigin, T. F. Torrance or Karl Barth.

John Kissinger [07/23/2015 3:57 PM]
Was Karl Barth a Universalist? http://www.pentecostaltheology.com/was-karl-barth-a-universalist/

John Kissinger [07/23/2015 8:04 PM]
I believe JESUS died for ALL. That’s ALL Alan N Carla Smith

John Kissinger [07/23/2015 8:16 PM]
Augustine vs Philip Melanchthon is where FREE WILL becomes a TRUE part of any TRUE reformation of the #CHURCH

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