Why am I NOT a Calvinist? REASON #2

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Why am I NOT a Calvinist?
REASON #2 If all are fore-chosen, predestined and forever saved, why in the world Jesus gave us the Great Commission?

Why am I NOT a Calvinist? 
REASON #2 If all are fore-chosen, predestined and forever saved, why in the world Jesus gave us the Great Commission?

Charles Page [07/21/2015 5:30 PM]
You are not a Calvinist because you never chose to be. God gives his children freedom to choose what they want to be.

John Kissinger [07/21/2015 6:13 PM]
The Lord has predestined the Church to be Arminian

Charles Page [07/21/2015 8:13 PM]
how can you call that Lord good? The Church is ? Arminian because it chooses to be and that is why the Lord is good. Your god is dictatorial and tyrannical.

John Kissinger [07/21/2015 8:37 PM]
On the contrary. According to Dr. Charles Conn the God of Calvin is autocratic and for this reason the Holy Ghost revival broke out among Arminians. I am yet to meet a person saved not through free will. Even you yourself were saved by your own choice in the Church of God, only to convert and profess a false doctrine that can never bring you to salvation 🙂

Charles Page [07/21/2015 8:50 PM]
of course you don’t know what I believe…;)

Charles Page [07/21/2015 8:51 PM]
Dr Conn is correct about the God of Calvin.

John Kissinger [07/21/2015 8:54 PM]
God asked Adam and Eve: who told you that you were naked? I am asking you: who told you that you have no free will? The answer is the same.

Charles Page [07/21/2015 8:56 PM]
I was born naked and totally depraved, conceived in iniquity, unregenerate. I didn’t have to be told that.

John Kissinger [07/21/2015 8:56 PM]
You dont have to be that no more. Jesus saved you, clothed you and gave you a FREE WILL!

Charles Page [07/21/2015 8:57 PM]
my new birth was similar to my first birth I did not make a choice!

Charles Page [07/21/2015 8:57 PM]
Jesus saved me and gave me free will.

Alan N Carla Smith [07/21/2015 8:59 PM]
Is ‘Spiritual Rebirth’ considered not a choice?

Charles Page [07/21/2015 9:00 PM]
did I ask my dad to give me life?

Alan N Carla Smith [07/21/2015 9:01 PM]
Heavenly Father

John Kissinger [07/22/2015 6:50 AM]
Pro’s point of view in this debate can be worded a few different ways:

1. There is a contradiction between the great commission, and the Calvinists’ denial of libertarian free will.

2. The great commission presupposes libertarian free will.

3. If there is no free will, then there is no point in witnessing or evangelism, and the great commission makes no sense.

4. The great commission is evidence against predestination.

These are all basically saying the same thing.

John Kissinger [07/22/2015 6:53 AM]
My response to this specifically if Calvinism were true we should actually be able to have expected that when Jesus gave the great commission he would have included your explanation in his own words like ‘because you cannot know who is elect and who is made for destruction, so you must share the gospel with the elect and the dogs alike’ or something to that effect, because this is a kind of obvious question big deal kind of question Jesus would have know should come up if Calvinism is true. If Wesleyenism is true however, then we should expect Jesus would have given the great commission phrased exactly as he did.

John Kissinger [07/22/2015 12:24 PM]

[08/02/2015 8:55 PM]
Charles, you of course are correct. Anyone who argue from the Arminian point of view neither understands Calvinism nor what God’s sovereignty means. It’s very sad.


  • Joseph Branscome
    Reply July 22, 2016

    Joseph Branscome

    Every human has the freedom to determine his on place of eternity . If not , then JESUS died on the CROSS for nothing . But I will add , JESUS knew from the very beginning , who will except Him and who will reject Him .

  • Jon Ray
    Reply August 1, 2016

    Jon Ray

    SAME as #3 Mission is of the Bible. Calvin and the Reformation did not believe in missions [period]

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