What does Gen 4:7 mean in the Septuagint?

What does Gen 4:7 mean in the Septuagint?

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Most of the translations of Gen 4:7 read something like (LEB):

If you do well will I not accept you? But if you do not do well,
sin is crouching at the door. And its desire is for you,
but you must rule over it.

I also read the Greek version (LES) seeking clarity:

Have you not sinned if you offer rightly but do not divide rightly?
Be still! His recourse will be to you, and you will rule him.”

What does this mean in the Greek version? Why does it seem to differ so much from the Hebrew? What does “divide rightly” mean? Who’s “recourse will be to” Cain? Who will Cain “rule”?

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