We have come to a time when God’s sacred work…

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Jose Onuwa | PentecostalTheology.com


We have come to a time when God’s sacred work is REPRESENTED by the FEET of the IMAGE in which the IRON was MIXED with the miry clay. God has a people, a chosen people, whose discernment must be sanctified, who must not become unholy by laying upon the foundation wood, hay, and stubble. Every soul who is loyal to the commandments of God will see that the distinguishing feature of our faith is the Seventh-day Sabbath.

The MINGLING of CHURCH CRAFT and STATECRAFT is REPRESENTED by the iron and the clay. This UNION is WEAKENING all the POWER of the churches. This investing the church with the power of the state will bring evil results. Men have almost passed the point of God’s forbearance. They have invested their strength in politics, and have united with the papacy. But the time will come when God will punish those who have made void His law, and their evil work will recoil upon themselves. 15MR 38.4

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