Warning. This article contains sharp edges.

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Have Christians given up on the Great Commission?
Warning. This article contains sharp edges.
Jesus gave the command to His followers to take the Gospel to the “ends of the earth.”
2,000 years after He gave this command known as the Great Commission, there is still so
very much to do. Two thirds of the world’s population live in between the borders of
China and Jerusalem and 90% of the people who have never heard about Jesus also live
in this same area.
2,000 years later and the Greatest Story ever told is also the Greatest Story NEVER told.
Even with Google, instant messaging, and Facebook – the story of Jesus has yet to reach
masses of people living in the most populated geographical location in the world. The
increase in Christian persecution is occurring at an alarming rate, particularly in China,
North Korea, and Iran.
What is even more alarming is the growth of an egocentric, self-serving focus that is
being promoted in western churches today. There is a trend of secularized churches that
encourage apathy and active passive behavior towards missions and outreach.
Any argument against the idea that the church in the west is becoming more egocentric
and apathetic to world missions is quickly silenced by a quick look at the numbers. The
annual income of all church members is estimated to be about $30.5 trillion (USD). The
amount of money given to Christian causes is estimated at $545 billion or only 1.8%.
Only 31 billion is given to missions which equals out to 0.1%. Only 0.1% of Christian
income is used for missions, but the majority of that is spent on areas that already have
the Gospel message. Only 1% of the 0.1% (0.001% or $310 million) is used for the most
unreached area of the world between China and Jerusalem where two thirds of the
world’s population lives!
To put that in perspective, according to Time Magazine, more was spent ($370
million) in 2011 on Halloween Costumes for cats and dogs than for world missions
in the most needy area of the world.
Put another way, Christians only make up 1/3 of the world’s population, but represent
almost 2/3rds of the worlds annual income and they spend 98% on themselves (Barrett
and Johnson 2001, 656). It has been said that the worst sin is not hating others, but
ignoring them with indifference. How much do you have to hate a person to let them die
and go to hell with out sharing the one thing that can save their life?
For those that are ready to make a change, there is a way. Today the Chinese
underground house church is coming out from persecution, with very few resources and
is going directly into the areas of the world that have been neglected for generations.
Chinese missionaries are sharing the Gospel message in Syria, Cambodia, North Korea,
Pakistan, and are currently setting up a missionary sending base from Iran.

The Chinese missionaries are a part of the the largest coordinated mission movement in
history and it is called “Back to Jerusalem.” Back to Jerusalem is just another name for
the Great Commission and the target is the last frontier for the Gospel between the
boarders of China and Jerusalem. The Chinese cannot do this alone. They are not giving
up on the Great Commission and are calling out to their brothers and sisters from around
the world to join them to begin the great push westward all the way back to where it all
started 2,000 years ago: Back to Jerusalem. There are four ways that you can get involved
today with one of the most radical life changing missions organizations:

 Spread the word! Join Back to Jerusalem

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