Wade Phillips reported snake handling by Hensley as prominent in the Church of God

Wade Phillips reported snake handling by Hensley as prominent in the Church of God
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Charles Page
Snake handling was prominent in the early days of the Church of God many preachers associated with my home town CoG were snake handlers. Handling serpents was a sign of one’s faith. Do we have snake-handling faith? …or do we live in fear and doubt? Back then you could pack a church with spectators!
Harold E. Klump We don’t haft to bring in snakes from the mountians that crawl on the ground, we have plenty walking around upright and biting and stining like atlair and like the Bible says we kill one another thinking we are doing Gods will
Luchen BaileyLuchen BaileyCharles,When was the last time you handled a snake?,
Charles PageCharles Page1959 – My home church was founded by snake handlers – I am proud of their faith -we need it today
Patricia Carol Lang Patricia Carol Lang Churches are packed with spectators now and they don’t handle snakes….
Charles Page Charles PageThey have good entertainment
Nathan Ridgeway Nathan RidgewayNot always … sometimes they just have “entertainment” … period.
Dorcas Coley Dorcas ColeyBro Nathan I believe this is not of God but ignorance! No we don’t need “entertainment” if we have Holy Ghost preaching & singing we will have all the entertainment we need &.God will be the FATHER of it!!!
Luchen Bailey Luchen BaileyI handled a snake about 3 weeks ago. it was on the end of my shovel.
Cleatis Jeffcoat Cleatis JeffcoatI was bitten by a pygmy rattler once and immediately gave situation to the Lord. The burning of the venom ceased immediately and there was no swelling or other effects. I was not handling it, and was not at church. I won’t participate in such foolishness..testing my faith or God’s faithfulness….

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