United States accused RUSSIA in the transfer of new weapons on Ukraine

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In Washington are seriously concerned about the persistence in the Donbass region boestolknoveniâmi. According to the United States, Russia has moved to Ukraine, artillery and rocket launchers.

The United States accused Russia that, despite an agreed peace plan, it had moved heavy weapons to the East of Ukraine. It is about “a large number of artillery and missile systems,” said Friday, Feb. 13, the United States State Department spokesman Jen Psaki, reports AFP. In addition, according to Washington, Russia is preparing to move across the border, new weapons to the separatists.
In the United States express grave concern in connection with continuing in the region boestolknoveniâmi, Psaki said. She stressed that the next support for the separatists “are absolutely not in line with the spirit” of the agreements.
According to the Ukrainian army leaders and representatives of the separatists during the day during clashes in Eastern Ukraine killed at least 27 people, reports the AFP news agency. The most fierce battles are in the vicinity of the town of Debaltsevo.

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