TRUTH ABOUT SIN It takes a lot of discipline and…

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Divina Aguinaldo Ranque |



It takes a lot of discipline and the grace of God to avoid sin. In this world, sin chases people on every side. Sin walks on the street, appears on tv, speaks through the radio, writes books. Sin acts films for people to watch and backslide, sin even comes to the church. Sin is available in every measure and quality, depending on how you want it. Sin is never tired, it doesn’t fade, always attractive. Sin is always the sweetest thing at the present, but it will produce a disastrous future.
Sin multiplies and advances with time. Sin is never too little to destroy a person. Sin can be your secret partner and nobody will know it. Sin can even relax in your pocket, while you’re carrying the Bible all around.
Sin is the worst virus and only Jesus is the cure.

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