THE CRUCIFIXION SAGA It amazes me when I hear the…

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Ibn Abdullah |


It amazes me when I hear the Muslims saying that Jesus was not crucified. All historical sources around the first and second century attest to the crucifixion of ‘a man who claimed to be the Messiah.’ Thallus, Tacitus, Josephus who were great historians in their days all wrote about the crucifixion. They were even anti christians. Lets look at Josephus’ statement about the crucifixion; ‘…..James the brother of Jesus the so-called Christ whom the Jews accused of sorcery and crucified him….’ This statement doesn’t look like a statement made by a lover of Christianity. Even the Jewish Talmud has it that Jesus was a sorcerer who did miracles through the power of the devil and was crucified. They are also many other sources that confirms this

How can the Qur’an come in the 7th century and say Jesus was never crucified and people are believing it? It is obvious that Muhammad had stumbled on a Gnostic book which claimed that Jesus was not crucified (such books became popular from the 3rd century).

Muslim brothers please think for yourselves. Is Muhammad’s claim empirically adequate??

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