Repeating the mistress allegation? Is that appropriate? There was a picture of him holding her hand. Inappropriate. He made a video announcement saying there was no ‘immorality.’ Is there further evidence?

I don’t know if the author is intentionally outright lying or nt by saying the MIchael Brown denies the NAR exists. He wrote it should be used for Wagner’s organization by the same name.

She is very skilled as a public speaking, and some things she said were pretty good. Probably the last time I heard a clip of hers, though, she was trying to preach a first fruits offering into her ministry coffers.

It appears that Paula White actually said she wasn’t taking the title of apostle– if I understand it right, though this quote seems like double-talk to me.

“That is apostolic, but I just haven’t embraced the title, though. … But as apostolic overseer of City of Destiny, today officially, i”

This is a short article to contain so many problems with it.