TRUMP is the obvious GOP choice #1?

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TRUMP is the obvious GOP choice #1? Jon Sellers David M. Hinsen

TRUMP is the obvious GOP choice #1? Jon Sellers David M. Hinsen

David M. Hinsen [12/23/2015 10:01 AM]
So what you’re saying is….Bush still has a chance?

John Kissinger [12/23/2015 10:02 AM]
“Jeb you are at 3 I am at 40” 🙂

David M. Hinsen [12/23/2015 10:03 AM]
“It doesn’t matter”

John Kissinger [12/23/2015 10:07 AM]
dont think he’s got a chance after calling Trump a jerk

Jon Sellers [12/23/2015 3:57 PM]
Looks like some support from Rubio and Carson has shifted to Trump and Cruz.

Timothy D McCune [12/23/2015 4:42 PM]
So if the Race for President comes down to Trump and clinton who will you all vote for?

John Kissinger [12/23/2015 4:52 PM]
asked and answered 🙂 David M. Hinsen

Derrick Harmon [12/23/2015 8:12 PM]
(1) This is not a post about theology. (2) Bush is so far down in the polls yet the establishment seems to always find a way to put him on the big stage right beside Trump.

John Kissinger [12/23/2015 8:28 PM]
Derrick Harmon Are you not going to make a voter’s choice based on your theology? Are we all not going to make a choice based on what we believe?

Timothy D McCune [12/23/2015 8:35 PM]
If it’s between Trump and Hillary I’m voting for Trump!

John Kissinger [12/23/2015 8:36 PM]
Timothy you think Trump stands a chance?

Timothy D McCune [12/23/2015 8:39 PM]
I think he does , he has been underestimated by the democrats and republicans this whole time and the polls show he leads the way. I think he will continue to do so provided he gets the nomination.

John Kissinger [12/23/2015 8:40 PM]
this is not just money – its politics; it’s a game H has played ever since, while Trump is just getting into

Derrick Harmon [12/23/2015 8:41 PM]
What are we going to call this new branch of theology? Theopolitics?

John Kissinger [12/23/2015 8:41 PM]
you remember what you learned in seminary about that? if you are not politically interested at least be socially concerned 🙂

Timothy D McCune [12/23/2015 8:44 PM]
H.C. Has played the game and won and that’s the problem she uses people and throws them away or her and Bill has them Killed. D.Trump has also played a game but it’s a game of building a business of making money and being successful he knows how to compete and win.

John Kissinger [12/23/2015 8:45 PM]
in my observation, Trump blabs too much (may be even on purpose) while H is always cool NO matter what they ask her

Derrick Harmon [12/23/2015 9:27 PM]
I guess I could say this post is not about theology ‘proper’. However, theology does touch every aspect of our lives, and our theology does (and should) inform our political decisions or non-decisions. But I would venture that you would not say the opposite: that politics should play a role in theology.

John Kissinger [12/24/2015 8:31 AM]
hey Derrick Harmon call the school to get your money back and Mary Christmas to you and yours. The subject is called Political theology is – part of both political philosophy and theology that investigates the ways in which theological concepts or ways of thinking relate to politics, society, and economics. Though the relationship between Christianity and politics has been debated since the time of Jesus, political theology as an academic discipline began during the latter part of the 20th century, partially as a response to the work of both Carl Schmitt and the Frankfurt School. The journal Political Theology currently examines this interface of religious faith and politics.

Derrick Harmon [12/24/2015 8:41 AM]
So if you have all the answers, then why even post? Thanks for telling me how to think.

John Kissinger [12/24/2015 8:42 AM]
you asked what we call the subject and it was answered – that’s all; no one has the answer for H vs. Trump but this from WP seems very true dont you think? Jon Sellers

Jon Sellers [12/24/2015 9:38 AM]
George Will made some good points.

John Kissinger [12/24/2015 9:41 AM]
prepare for the end of the conservatism not just the party

David M. Hinsen [12/24/2015 10:16 AM]
Whether or not Trump gets in, the conservative party is jeopardizing themselves.

David M. Hinsen [12/24/2015 10:22 AM]
Here’s Franklin Graham’s take


  • Varnel Watson
    Reply November 3, 2016

    Varnel Watson

    Re-post from 2015 for our newly joined viewers Carl Murphy and Stan Wayne Pls note comment made on [12/24/2015 8:42 AM]
    you asked what we call the subject and it was answered – that’s all; no one has the answer for H vs. Trump more better and ealrlier than Jon Sellers

  • Carl Murphy
    Reply November 3, 2016

    Carl Murphy


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