Tribulation Treaty and Temple

The Tribulation, The Treaty and the Temple | Episode #1164 | Perry Stone

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Watch the latest Manna-Fest episode with Perry Stone. This episode was filmed in the studio in Cleveland, TN.
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  • Reply January 18, 2024


    Philip Williams Link Hudson Ricky Grimsley Gary Micheal Epping

    A small virus shut down most churches in the world and they are so crippled they can hardly open again HOW is such a weak church open during the Tribulation and save soul? No cant do
    (1) for starters: ONLY the ones who take the mark of the Beast (whoever that may be) will not be able to buy or sell. Anything! Food, gas, electricity, water – absolutely nothing.
    (2) The pastors will NOT be able to receive salaries, insurance or anything included in their package. Remember, if the church cannot buy or sale, neither can the pastor receive a salary. And even if a salary is given, what would the pastor spend it on without the mark of the beast?
    (3) Tithing system – those are most usually set up with a paper check or some sort of electronic banking like debiting or crediting. With the mark of the beast, the church will NOT be able to receive those moneys and even if it does, it cannot operate with them to buy or sell anything.
    (4) What about church buildings – without the mark of the beast they will not be able to purchase any service – electricity, lights, internet, gas for church vans, insurance, special events, catering, food – no communion elements. Nothing at all. With no professional services available, a church building may last a few months, but will fall apart soon before the Tribulation is over… Just think about it
    (5) Any other church related logistics or operations that depend on the purchase of gasoline and transportation. They way current church infrastructure in America is set up, how many would actually take the time to walk miles and miles to a church?

    • Reply January 18, 2024


      Troy Day Troy Day look at all the problems with the church in Laodicea, yet Christ spike to them of overcoming. The saints in Revelation overcome even though there is difficulty. With God all things are possible. So why worry about the mark of the beast?

      As for mist of your points, where is the hired one-man pastor with insurance taught ir modeled in the New Testament. There is no talk of special function church buildings in scripture. The early churches met in homes. I find some of your objections strange indeed.

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