Thinking about Pentecostal theology first

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Jim Price |


Thinking about pentecostal theology; first we should realize that ninety percent or more of what pentecostals believe is the same as that of the great preachers of the past, Spurgeon, Moody, Billy Graham etc.but like them and most of evangelicalism they have failed to build a theological path through some territories of the bible.
For instance can we agree that some 2 million people were in the Exodus and perhaps 6 million goats, sheep and cattle? Then we come to Marah ( Ex. 15 ) the bitter lake and we need to work out a theology that explains how that vast number of people and of animals could drink from a relatively small body of water. Think of Atlanta and it’s 2 million people; how could they possibly organize themselves to rotate time and space so that each thirsty creature could get enough water to keep them alive? Then reorganize every few hours so that they could drink again?
Then they came to Elim where there were 12 springs to drink from but if we divide 8 million thirsty stomachs by 12 we still have over 650,000 drinking from each spring, that’s more than the city of Nashville,Tn..
We may say that these are questions that our people are not asking? Oh really? I recently heard of a conservative christian college where three students pressed hard on the question; how could Samson have possibly caught 300 foxes, tied their tails and then set fire to them. The professor let the discussion go on for days. The prof. had to resign and the student body was thrown into an uproar. The new generation are asking new questions!


  • Reply February 5, 2017

    Doug Garmany

    yes, they ask very tough questions. The answers to most always found in the bible. Many for the “tough “ questions are only hard to answer because we tend to look though your doctrinal eye glasses when reading, and therefore have views of what the bible says, when its not at all what it says .Like you say , much of what was taught by the old preachers of the past, is based on false teaching too, and we buy it, cause if WE teach it , its true. If they teach it, its false…

  • Reply February 5, 2017

    Street Preacherz

    Pastor in a world of hate and sin and rebellion to God it doesn’t surprise me when people kick the Bible. Mr. Price can I ask a dumb question? Why can’t people simply believe Samson caught three hundred foxes? What’s next? Jesus didn’t really die on tree as a curse to break the curse? Why can’t people just leave the Bible alone? Accept or not? A lot of people say they know better than the Bible, but you don’t usually find them claiming the Holy Ghost.

  • Reply February 6, 2017

    Link Hudson

    Israel was probably a wetter land 3000 years ago. The deserts might have had more water too. God did miraculously sustain the people in a number of ways. Building the pyramids took some massive organizational efforts. Does that prove they weren’t built?

    Samson could have taken a while, a year even, collecting foxes. Maybe he had a team of servants helping him.

  • Reply February 7, 2017

    Varnel Watson

    Didnt realize Billy Graham is a preacher of the past. Has he died without anyone noticing?

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