The very notion of “preachers preaching too long”

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The very notion of “preachers preaching too long” does not fit any Biblical paradigm in which the Church is entrusted to preach the Everlasting Gospel till the end of times. Even more so, the notion of a congregational approval/acceptance of the length of a sermon or if the Message of Life is relevant to a reprobate mind is simply extraneous to the Scripture.

On the very contrary, the prophetic is to continue to preach even when the world wants to shut you down. The anointing is to continue to preach even when the world says obedience to God is irrelevant. And empowering in the Spirit is to have the strength to continue to preach, be a voice and give a voice to the voiceless, in the desert of this present reality, as seers of the eternal reality that is to come.

David M. Hinsen [05/14/2015 8:06 AM]
I’m amazed at those that can sit through other things for hours yet demand the preacher rush. Some spend approximately 1 hour a week in church and can’t wait to get out, yet will sit at home for hours. I’ve never understood the depths of this mindset.

Pentecostal Theology [05/14/2015 8:07 AM]
Well in same cases, there’s a fine line between a long sermon and a hostage situation 🙂

David M. Hinsen [05/14/2015 8:07 AM]
Or work for 8 hours

David M. Hinsen [05/14/2015 8:08 AM]

Pentecostal Theology [05/14/2015 8:10 AM]
If a preacher has worked for 8 hrs to write a sermon does he/she have the right to take another 8 to preach it 🙂

David M. Hinsen [05/14/2015 8:14 AM]
The right? Sure. Is it logical? Probably not. In all honesty, preaching for 30-40 minutes wares me out as if I’d worked 8 hours! And I’m in decent shape. Raymond Culpepper preached at a church I was on staff at once and he said he spent 40 hours a week on 1 sermon. What if he preached for 40 hours!?

David M. Hinsen [05/14/2015 8:18 AM]
I have sat through some lengthy sermons and thoroughly enjoyed them. Dr. Mark Rutland preached in one of our churches here in Va for an hour and a half and I couldn’t get enough, but that’s just me.

Pentecostal Theology [05/14/2015 8:52 AM]
An architect builds a building for 3-4-5 years and people enjoy it for generations… of course, it will be annoying if the architect himself talks about it for a long long time 🙂

Pentecostal Theology [05/14/2015 8:54 AM]
David M. Hinsen It took Jesus sometimes to preach the Sermon on the Mount Rick Wadholm Jr

Rick Wadholm Jr [05/14/2015 8:56 AM]
On a mountainside folks were free to come and go.

Pentecostal Theology [05/14/2015 8:57 AM]
So you lock the doors when you preach, don’t you? 🙂

Rick Wadholm Jr [05/14/2015 8:58 AM]
You know it! So that no man open them.

Pentecostal Theology [05/14/2015 9:00 AM]
I stand at the door and knock … gains a whole new hermeneutical interpretation here

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