The sinfulness of Conspiracy Theories

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William DeArteaga |

This blog posting is an expanded version of the article that appeared in Pneuma Review. It is especially useful for Bible study and adult education groups. Feel free to download it for church use.

John Ruffle [07/06/2015 5:15 PM]
Thank you for sharing this!

John Kissinger [07/08/2015 8:50 AM]

Analysis of the Occult Symbols Found on the Bank of America Murals

William DeArteaga [07/08/2015 8:51 AM]
Thank you

John Kissinger [07/08/2015 9:25 AM]
So did they land on the moon? – what do you think?

John Kissinger [07/08/2015 1:04 PM]
Another one today: IF there was NO cyber attack and NO one said there was a cyber attack WHY is their an open DENIAL of a cyber attack: “NYSE floor trading halted; no sign of cyberattack”

John Kissinger [07/09/2015 6:10 AM]
oh and there’s even more to come

John Kissinger [07/09/2015 7:41 PM]
No conspiracy here

Ricky Grimsley [07/31/2015 6:00 PM]
See….now you are part of the conspiracy

Pentecostal Theology [07/31/2015 9:05 PM]
tell it to William DeArteaga 🙂

Ricky Grimsley [07/31/2015 9:18 PM]
They should shut this site down if its gonna a be government propaganda site.

John Kissinger [12/17/2015 9:11 PM]

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  • Reply October 29, 2019

    Varnel Watson

    were we ON the MOON at all?

    Thank you William DeArteaga did you also have a post on demons behind totalitarian governments? I cant find it still

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