The Signs of the Lord’s Return

The Signs of the Lord’s Return

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Glo Ry |


The Signs of the Lord’s Return (4): Iniquity Abounds and the Love of Believers Grows Cold
Iniquity is now increasing in the world of religion, and it is now without the work of the Holy Spirit or the presence of God, and desolation is widespread throughout the churches. Some Christians may say, “Our church doesn’t become desolate. It often holds all kinds of events and appears very fervent.” But is this really the case? Let’s look at the situation of the churches nowadays. Brothers and sisters are trapped in sin and don’t have a path of practice. They feel parched spiritually but there are no good shepherds in their churches who can water and sustain them. Their pastors don’t have any enlightenment in preaching and can only talk about some cliched doctrines and theories such as loving the world, loving the family, maintaining the faith, and not leaving God. The brothers and sisters receive no edification of life from them, so that their spiritual condition becomes worse and worse. As a result, some believers just go through a process when attending meetings or even do not go to meetings anymore. Some churches have to close down, for the attendances are falling. Some pastors and elders vie with each other and engage in jealous disputes, so much so that they even form cliques, separate into differing factions and gangs, steal offerings, engage in sexual misconduct and have no God-fearing heart whatsoever. Even though some such churches may appear fervent, their believers still walk the worldly path. These iniquitous actions are happening more and more now in the world of religion, causing the Holy Spirit to cease His work. Then churches become more and more desolate, and believers lose their faith and love. Clearly, the religious world has lost the work of the Holy Spirit.
Let us recall that late in the Age of Law, the temple that had previously been filled with the glory of Jehovah appeared desolate, the priests made poor sacrifices, and the temple became a marketplace. Is there any difference between the churches of today and the temple at the end of the Age of Law? Now, the entire religious world is desolate and debased, few people really love the words of the Lord Jesus, and people have lost the faith and love they initially had. This entirely fulfills the Lord Jesus’ words: “And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold” (Matthew 24:12). From the facts above, we can see that this biblical prophecy has been completely fulfilled.

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  • Reply December 29, 2019

    Sophonie Alvarez

    Love is even turn in to ice

  • Reply December 29, 2019

    Jair Johnson

    I am,that,I am…before life was,I am.. #GODasGOD MAGethos one church

  • Reply December 30, 2019

    Lorna Taitano

    Love of many grows cold, Not love of “believer’s” grows cold. As believers we should be growing more love for Jesus and the brethren!

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