We are the bride of Christ, and are like the Jewish brides, in the Bible, as Jesus has paid the price for us, bought us, like the bridegroom paid in the Bible when entering into a ketubah marriage contract, for his bride. it is a beautiful picture described of our bridegroom, and how we are to be.

JEWISH MARRIAGES—Contract–Consumation–Celebration
Sometimes brides were picked out when the party to be married were children, and other times a year or so before the ketubah contract, and at times the bride never met her husband, until he came to take her to his Father’s house.

In the Jewish marriage contract, a man would go to the Bride’s fathers and pay the price for his daughter in marriage. At that time, a contract or covenant for marriage was entered into. But, there would be no wedding date set. The groom had to go back to his Father’s house and prepare a place and also living quarters for his new bride. He could not even see his bride for a year. The time for the wedding could be after the year, or even longer, no one knew but the Father when the groom would call for his bride. Only the father of the bridegroom knew when he would say to his son, “Son, go get your bride.” Then, he would gather the males of the wedding party and start the walk to the bride’s house to get her, and to carry her back to the Father’s house for the wedding, for the marriage supper and the guests celebration, afterward, for seven days while the couple was in the prepared wedding chamber. There would be a special bridal chamber for the bride and the groom.

The bride had to always be ready, at all times, to go out by night, as she and the brides maids, like the wise virgins, had to keep their lamps all trimmed and shinning, for,they knew not when the call would come. The call usually came at night time. In the procession and march to the bride’s house, they had some that would go ahead, shouting or crying publically, “the bridegroom cometh” and the people in the houses would join in repeating it, until the message was heard further down the path toward where the bride,awaited. Before the bridegroom ever got there, the cry of announcement could be heard by the “public criers” announcing that the groom would soon be there, as he was on the way. The bridesmaids had to be ready at all times also, and not be like those foolish virgins, who didn’t have oil in their lamps, but be ready and watching for him.

We must remember the Bible says that unto those “looking for him” will he appear a second time, unto salvation. It is those who will “love” his appearing that he is coming for, just like the bride in Jewish weddings longed for the midnight cry, for the groom to come for her and carry her back to the father’s house, for the wedding ceremony.

Does this remind you of what Jesus said in the Bible, as to his second coming for his Bride?
Her wedding garments must be ready,white, without spot or blemish, and as the brides back then didn’t know when the groom would appear, we don’t either, we just believe it and have to be faithful, ready at all times, and watching for his appearance.

When our bridegroom comes, it will be too late to wash our spiritual garments, they have to be clean at his coming.