The Next Five Years of the Kingdom by Frank Viola

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The Next Five Years

Let me be clear at the outset. I’m not making a prediction. Nor am I prophesying. (That being interpreted means, stoning is off the table.)

What I’m about to share are simply deep impressions I have of what I envision happening in the body of Christ over the next five years. I’m by no means claiming immaculate perception. But right or wrong, I do expect these things to take place.

* There will be a restoration of the full message of the kingdom of God. Over the last 50 years until the present day, when the kingdom of God has been presented, it’s usually piecemeal (only one or two aspects of it are emphasized), it’s couched in legalism and guilt, or it’s presented in highly academic manner void of any practical application.

I see this changing over the next five years. The blistering, high-voltage, deeply-subversive, earth-shaking kingdom message will begin to be unleashed in the earth again.

* Many who are called to the Lord’s work, but who are presently in a holding pattern of waiting, will be released to minister.

* A number of well-known leaders from different streams in the body of Christ will begin co-working together. They will no longer stay in their safe comfort zones and religious cliques.

* Related to the above, God will begin laying the groundwork for a powerful ministry team to emerge and cut loose in the world. This team will bear the kingdom message together.

* The Lord will raise up a tribe of Christians whose devotion to Jesus Christ and His kingdom will be just as radical, absolute, and unshakable as the devotion that the members of ISIS have to their cause. (Without the violence and barbarism, of course. I’m speaking about their level of allegiance.)

* A growing number of Christian Millennials will be stirred by the Spirit of God to hunger and thirst for the deeper things of Christ. This hunger and thirst will spread worldwide.

If any of this interests or stirs you, join my email list. I have much more to say about all of it in the days ahead. I’m sure God will be doing many other things, but these are the specific impressions I personally have. And given my unique calling, I expect to be involved in what I see coming.

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