The Nature of Pentecostal Theology

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Jon Sellers |


In the light of recent discussions regarding the nature of Pentecostal theology, I found this dissertation which promises to be very interesting.

Here is a thesis that seeks to answer two questions. From the introduction:

“1) “Are there enough pentecostal systematic theologians to support such a study?”; and 2) “Do pentecostal systematic theologians actually have a theological method?” My hope is that all who read this dissertation will agree that the answer to both questions is “Yes” and that “the rule of spirituality and the rule of doctrine” should take its rightful place among future pentecostal theological method.”

I have only read the introduction, but it looks very promising. Since it is free, download it and see if you have time to peruse it later.

Pentecostal Theology According to the Theologians: An Introduction to the Theological Methods of Pentecostal Systematic Theologians

Jon Sellers [07/11/2015 10:24 PM]
Jon Ruthven, you might find his discussion of the Lord’s Supper to be interesting.

John Kissinger [07/13/2015 5:39 AM]
There’s so much out there for the person who wants to read and learn…

John Kissinger [07/13/2015 5:45 AM]

John Kissinger [07/13/2015 5:45 AM]

John Kissinger [07/13/2015 5:46 AM]

John Kissinger [07/18/2015 7:37 AM]

Charles Page [07/20/2015 1:18 PM]
The dividing line for Pentecostal theology is the historical line between Cleveland, Tennessee and Springfield, Missouri. It follows soteriological lines of argument, arguments for sanctification and holiness.


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