The anointing of the Holy Ghost

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Chad Macdonald |


The anointing of the Holy Ghost is the greatest revolutionary agent of change on earth. Whenever and wherever it is present it effects change. Like a seismic force sent from the throne room of God-it will rattle everything not from heaven. It will afflict the comfortable and comfort the afflicted. Every devil and principality avoids it and sin can’t hide within it- Like light it banishes darkness and imposes light where only darkness had been known.

The anointing should so saturate us and fill our being that everywhere we go lightning and thunder should flash in the supernatural realm of the spirit. The enemy should see us coming and fear the raging hurricane of God. #dunamis #HolyGhostpower #anointing #revivalfire #theresastormcoming

John Kissinger [06/05/2015 12:38 PM]

John Kissinger [06/05/2015 12:38 PM]

Fondawilliams5 [06/22/2015 8:09 PM]
The end times and the beginning of sorrow, as Jesus referred to are here.

Fondawilliams5 [06/22/2015 8:22 PM]
We are living in dangerous, and climatic times. The world is weeping with judgement, as biblical prophecy is unfolding constantly. Gods people are aware of the governmental changes that are taking place,as well as the religious conformities being applied. This generation is seeing events, that are introduced in Gods Holy Word, for the end time.We need to wake up and realize, that Jesus is returning soon, and the scene is unfolding, into this reality. The saints of God are anticipating the return of The Lord Jesus Christ.

Wesly Raju [06/23/2015 6:10 AM]
My Dear Beloved Fondawilliams, Man of God & Family in Christ Greetings to you in the Sweet Holy name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, the Soon Coming King, Amen.

Thanking you very much for your encouranging and guidence for your words in my life and ministry, You providing our co-pastors, Church Construction, and Poor children Education support help, Please kindly pray for us above this matter.

. It gives me immense pleasure to write to you. I hope that you are doing fine..I am writing this letter with out most pain in my heart and with tears.

There are 50 pastors under our supervision. For you are being one of the pillar of this ministry I am sharing this to you concerning out pastors. I am preparing and praying the Lord to give me spiritual strength and wisdom to lead the churches in this context. I need your co-operation and support in the Lord. Therefore I request you to kindly pray for all the 50 co-pastors, and congregations We are planning to conduct Crusades in Andhra Pradesh, India, in month of July 2015 through you. OR any Kindly give some dates according to your schedule. It is our honor and blessing to conduct Crusades, Pastors Conference, through you to enlighten and empower our pastors as well as the perishing souls. I need your Leadership, Fellowship with you. Convey our heartiful thanks to you and your Church, family members team members also., and My family members send this prayerful greetings to you all. Our E-Mail: I close this letter with our heartily love to and you prayers. Yours in His ministry, Pastor. Wesly


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    Varnel Watson

    Brody Pope Unarguably the only thing you need to preach the gospel – not mandatory education…

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    Brody Pope


  • Reply April 21, 2016

    Mike Stidham

    After 30 hours of seminary, I’ve concluded that the best schooling can do is to help you harness the raw potential of whatever anointing you have, and to help in areas where you may not be as anointed (like a lot of pastoral ministry out of the pulpit).

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