Link Hudson what I meant is that the notion of private property of the land was inexistent in the same sense we understand it today. Nomad tribes don’t see the land as theirs but only as the source of their food. Sedentary tribes and groups are the ones who understands the concept of property of the land. Of course that for nomad tribes having foreigners in the land means problems because they would have to share the resources (hence the fights among tribes) but in last instance they could move somewhere else because the land didn’t belong to them, was there to be used but now owned (they used to follow the migration of buffalos and dears). That’s the difference with the Spaniards and the empires in modern day Latin America. Aztecs, Mayans, toltecs, Mixtecs, Zapotecs, incans, etc., were civilizations with a more advanced understanding and notions than the northern Indians, that’s why they didn’t move when the Spaniards arrived, they already had cities with buildings, markets, schools, etc.