TEXAS: Irving City Bans Islamic Sharia

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Asen Shudov | PentecostalTheology.com



Liberty Gilham [05/10/2015 11:14 AM]
We need to take a strong stand. NOW. We cannot permit co-existence with Shariah. No other immigrant group came her to establish their own legal system. When Moslems want to practice their religion, we have put with that. But we have to draw the line when it comes to establishing Shariah Law in North America. Fight it now or lose your head later.

Liberty Gilham [05/10/2015 9:47 PM]
If we allow ourselves to be pushed around by Moslems now, we will pay for it later with our heads. We need Holy Ghost Revival in America now. If we don’t convert the sinner, Islam will. They are out there trying to convert Americans little by little. Trying to get American women to accept first. Trying to convert the youth of America. Come on, People of God. We need another Jesus Movement. Who wants to work with me?

Liberty Gilham [05/12/2015 9:44 AM]
They are testing the waters, seeing how much they can push. Seeing how weak Christians are, if Christians will put up with this. Moslems see the world this way: Christian land and Moslem land. I know because one of them told me. There’s Christian land and Moslem land. What is amazing to them is that in “Christian land,” it looks like commitment to Christianity has passed away, has ceased to exist. So, therefore, they want to give the people “religion,” the Moslem religion. This is how they think.

Liberty Gilham [05/12/2015 9:46 AM]
This is why we need Revival Now!!! They will try to give the American people their religion. Some silly women are taking the bait. Islam has nothing to offer women but domination. Legally, a woman has half the status of men in court. It takes the testimony of two women to equal one man in Islamic Court. So if you had to have the testimony of 2 men in a case, you’d have to produce 4 women in that case.

Liberty Gilham [05/12/2015 9:48 AM]
In Islam, you have to have your husband’s written permission to go to the next town. Religious police enforce clothing laws. Women go to jail for using birth control. Laws like that keep women down. While our society isn’t perfect, and some women are pushing the boundaries on clothing and behavior, still Christian society has more to offer both men and women in terms of our legal system.

Liberty Gilham [05/12/2015 10:03 AM]
(song) Stand up, Stand up for Jesus, you soldiers of the Cross. Lift high the royal banner, it must not suffer loss. To him that overcometh, the tree of life shall be, til all the foes are vanquished, and Christ is Lord indeed.

Liberty Gilham [05/12/2015 10:03 AM]
What did we receive the Holy Ghost for?

Marvin Elliott [05/12/2015 10:50 AM]

Pentecostal Theology [05/12/2015 2:13 PM]
and look here now http://freedomoutpost.com/2014/09/maxine-waters-believes-americans-bigots-opposing-sharia-law/

John Kissinger [12/21/2015 9:50 AM]

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