Testing Prayer: How does science relate to supernatural Pentecostalism?

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An interview with one of the leading experts on global Pentecostalism!

Jim Price [02/19/2016 12:10 PM]
The trouble is most of these discussions won’t get to the pew level for years or maybe ever.

John Kissinger [02/19/2016 2:33 PM]
“interested in Christian supernaturalism in the Global South, which broadly corresponds to Africa, Asia, and Latin America” I feel included here as well Timothy Carter Corey Forsyth CrossTheology Ilya Okhotnikov

CrossTheology [02/19/2016 2:39 PM]
what is supernaturalism? 🙂

John Kissinger [02/19/2016 6:38 PM]
Timothy Carter better ask: How is supernatural different than the miraculous. It’s an attempt to show the power of God in the creation separated from the holiness from within the being and nature of God i.e. Harry Potter vs. Resurrection Morning etc. …

John Kissinger [02/19/2016 7:56 PM]
Sorry Timothy Carter
I am not in the habit of keeping up with Huff Post staff writers but among other publications by the same author:

– Mindfulness Meditation in Public Schools
– Chiropractic: Is it Nature, Medicine or Religion?
– Spiritual but Not Religious an Oxymoron?
– Yoga Can Stay in School, etc.

Jim Price
What can 3 degrees from Harvard tell about Southern Pentecostalism?

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