Talking about the implications of radical Islam

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John Ruffle |


No-one talking about the implications of radical Islam? Penticostals need to see themselves as the prophetic voice for the ENTIRE Body of Christ, otherwise we become yet another bunch of self-seeking, self-serving marginalized folk with opinions but no voice.

John Kissinger [11/15/2015 7:51 AM]
actually, lots of people talking about it including Steve Webb

Steve Webb [11/15/2015 8:05 AM]
I’ve preached and taught on this for several years. The ties between Islam (not just radical) and the eschaton are numerous. Their willingness to make and break treaties for their benefit, the 7 year rule of their 12th Imam, location, and others. I’m trying to find some of my notes from the past. But I’ll be posting on my ministry page in the coming weeks. I’ll share the posts here as I do.

John Kissinger [11/15/2015 8:07 AM]
We asked the question in a recent discussion foreseeing EU churches would be unable to assimilate migrants and they would be coming across the ocean. And how exactly do you convert with words in a culture that allows speaking only to men?

Steve Webb [11/15/2015 8:13 AM]
And here is something I’ve seen spiritually in an abbreviated version…terrorism at the hands of islam will worsen, and many will lose their life in areas largely unaffected to date (US, UK, Canada, Australia, etc.) before the world has he enough and retaliates. At this point there will be a treaty made to end their assault, which will be broken after 3 1/2 years.

John Kissinger [11/15/2015 8:22 AM]
not sure if migrant assimilation is possible anymore. #TRUMP called for IKE’s relocation, but I am not sure if Trump is realizing this current migration IS a global relocation attempt perhaps done by greater forces Jon

Ricky Grimsley [11/15/2015 10:08 AM]
Joel richardson has great teaching on the subject.

Jon Sellers [11/15/2015 4:41 PM]
My guess is that we have seen very few Muslim immigrants to Europe, USA or Canada convert to Christ. If anyone has some numbers that would be great.
Muslim immigrants come for the welfare, the benefits and to spread the global Uma of Islam in order to subjugate the people to Allah via the imposition of Sharia law. Some are truly escaping persecution. But the majority over the last several decades are not escaping but seeking something new. Some do work or start businesses, but vast numbers just get welfare.

Germany started bringing in immigrants to do work the Germans were not doing. But now Germany, Scandanavia, France, Britain- all are suffering under a crippling weight of new welfare costs.

Jon Sellers [11/15/2015 4:41 PM]
Yes, Pentecostals should reach out to Muslim immigrants, but we need a clear, Spirit led strategy.

John Kissinger [11/15/2015 4:58 PM]
Jon Sellers I dared to indicate that assimilation is not such strategy Ricky Grimsley who is Joel Richardson and what did he say?

Jon Sellers [11/15/2015 5:08 PM]
The indication seems to be that the majority of Muslims to don want to assimilate into European culture. Some have and some have in the US, but their is a movement among them not to assimilate.

Steve Webb [11/15/2015 5:12 PM]
Jon, the very core of their religion is to lie, cheat, and “make nice” until they can cut your head off with strength of numbers.
They need Christ, of that there is no doubt, but biblically speaking they are still holding to a Genesis promise of 12 princes from Ishmael, and they are waiting on the 12th (at least some sects) to rule the world for 7 years. They are a false religion founded on deception and violence.
They do no assimilate, they lie. If they hold true to their religion they want to cut your head off. If you have the stomach just search the Internet and you will find their heart.

Jon Sellers [11/15/2015 5:20 PM]
Thanks Steve, I am very familiar with all of the lies and tactics of Islam. Like all groups not every one of them is a true believer. But those who do believe are very much committed to the Caliphate and Jihad. Even if they never commit an act of violence they still support it.

Steve Webb [11/15/2015 5:27 PM]
I would even go a step further Jon. Even if they aren’t totally committed to Islam that leaves a question. How many will speak up for change? I’d bet a VERY small percentage because of the fear of their own demise. The only way they would ever find strength to stand is in Christ, which I think is the big picture…how do we reach the “marginal” Muslims with the message?
I’m intimately familiar with Islam and the eschaton, if I posses any strength in biblical understanding that is probably it, but that doesn’t equate to a productive message to reach them with Christ.

John Kissinger [11/15/2015 5:28 PM]
Assimilation was done with in the early 90s. Even then in the USA the melting pot of the world, immigrants formed sub-cultures and were never assimilated. Hence my question from the article: “And how exactly do you convert with words in a culture that allows speaking only to men?” I wrote about this cultural dynamics in my dissertation and could post passages if interested

Jon Sellers [11/15/2015 5:46 PM]
Interesting thesis. I would suppose if the host culture is radically different than the home culture assimilation is more challenging. It is natural to form enclaves of immigrants in order to retain a sense of community and continuity with the ethnic identity formed in the home country.

Assimilation is something people have to want and work at. Can immigrants have an evangelistic impact on the host country? Do you have any research on that? Were the Bulgarian Churches in N. America able to bring revival to Americans or was it confined to Bulgarians?

Can immigrants of one ethnicity more effectively reach immigrants of other ethnicities more so than Americans can?

John Kissinger [11/15/2015 6:13 PM]
well they first started noticing it with Latinos forming sub-cultures in american cities; so not so foreign at first, but eastern cultures in a EU context is a much different story…

John Kissinger [11/16/2015 7:50 AM]

John Kissinger [11/17/2015 5:32 AM]
Is Islam a religion of peace?

John Kissinger [12/10/2015 11:59 AM]
Took me while the find it again but EVERYONE should read this article here (apparently he also has a book called Winning the War Against Radical Islam)

John Kissinger [12/10/2015 3:11 PM]

John Kissinger [12/10/2015 5:00 PM]
Charles Page Christopher Hart how would you stop Muslims from serving in the US army?

Charles Page [12/10/2015 5:18 PM]
the Lord gave me a prophetic word last Sunday in Church. just my memory: “God said that he was not a god doing nothing about the religious extremist massacre in California. My hands are not tied and I am not bound. I am your Lord and King and I rule my world.”

John Kissinger [12/10/2015 5:51 PM]

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